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"A Trip to the Caribbean"


By david


Yesterday, I had a dental check-up, and so took the chance, whilst in Dunfermline, to visit my favourite park, and its fascinating glasshouses, the “Floral Halls”.

I gazed, briefly, at the cold scene outdoors, then stepped into “paradise”.

First plant to catch my eye (no wonder) was Solanum mammosum………….

Common names for it (the fruit is poisonous) are Nipple Plant, Titty Fruit, and Cow’s Udder! Originally native to S. America, this spread to C. America and the Caribbean.

Some delicious-looking bananas then caught my attention………….

Close by was a clump of Justicia brandegeana (Mexican Shrimp/Shrimp plant), formerly known as Beloperone guttata.


I even found myself a “parrot”, in the form of Impatiens niamniamensis, or “Congo Cockatoo”.

“Congo Cockatoo”

There was also a “flock” of that “Bird of Paradise” – Strelitzia reginae,,,,,,,,,


Up trellises and across the roof struts rambled various specimens of Calliandra inaequilatera – the Powder Puff Plant/Tree……………………


The path was covered, in places, with fallen blooms.

Here and there were planted drifts (now past their best) of Iresine herbstii, which grows wild in tropical America,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Iresine herbstii

There is also a small water cascade and a pool with goldfish……………

A gentle slope leads up to a bench in a vantage point.

One particular label really jumped out at me, however……………..

No blooms – but lovely, variegated foliage………..

What a great “Peter Pan” plant! Onto our plantlist this went! I decided, at this point, however, that I really must “fly”, and leave this wonderful, free, garden. I did leave with happy thoughts, and a smile, with the “pain” of the dentist’s bill already forgotten. :-))

A variegated Pineapple (Ananas bracteatus), native to Brazil

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Wonderful change of pace that visit was....Very nice to see things out of 'season' !

5 Feb, 2010


OK, so you were 'aching' to get back to Dunfermline. Wow what a contrast, don't blame you for not staying outside for long. These 'foreigners' have it all, warmer weather and fab plants. It's good that places like Dunfirmline have such places, nothing where I live in Chester.

5 Feb, 2010


~ cheaper and faster than getting there by plane David~it's great that there are places like this!
Heron ~googled and found this

Spring and early Summer
Rhododendrons and azaleas, camellias, magnolias, cherries and many other flowering trees and shrubs. Laburnum arch. Large rock garden. Spring bulbs and primulas.

Lilies, primulas, herbaceous borders, terrace gardens with many climbing plants. Native plant, herb and water gardens.

Late summer and autumn
Trees for fruits and autumn colour: Heather garden, Sorbus ( the largest collection in the country), Maples, water garden and autumn bulbs.

Wide selection of trees and shrubs with coloured fruits, bark and stems. Conifers.

Indoor attractions
All year conservatory, tropical and arid displays.

5 Feb, 2010


Thanks David - I enjoyed ypur 'mini-break'! Some fantastic plants in there, aren't there. :-))

5 Feb, 2010


Wonderful plants and pics, David...
I bet thinking about the Floral Halls took your mind of the dental visit.. ! ;o)

5 Feb, 2010


Great outting after going to dentist...

5 Feb, 2010


I love these kind of places in the winter , a trip out of this world for a short time David ... .. It reminded me of the Botanical Gardens in Cambridge .. not to big but big enough to escape for a while .. :o)

5 Feb, 2010


great plan ts and pics David..... i thought the yellow fruits were lemons lol...... love there names......

5 Feb, 2010


What fantastic plants...Glad you found your parrot David ! Lol

5 Feb, 2010


well worth the visit but not the dentist bit.

5 Feb, 2010


A wonderful trip into the land of Exotica David.
Thanks for sharing this with us.

6 Feb, 2010


Thank You all for the lovely comments, even though Heron's pun made me go "Ouch!", lol!!! :-))

Arlene, yet another source of great info on a place to visit! :-))

Yes, I realise how fortunate enough I am to have somewhere like this, with exotic plants, to escape to all year-round, and maintained by our county Council, too! There is an "arid region" area, with lovely cacti and succulents. free entry, with plant sales in summer. The present "Halls" were built in 1973, replacing older glasshouses.The park was gifted to his native town by Andrew Carnegie, in 1908.

Yes, Bb - so nice to meet a "parrot" I could talk to, but which won't answer, nor swear!! :-))

Have begun to think of my dentist as an "honorary" crew member! I now call him "Cap'n Phil", heehee!!!!

6 Feb, 2010


David, yes you're right but Ness Gardens are a hour's drive from Chester, I have remembered that there is a place in the Zoo with nice tropical plants but not like your 'Floral Halls'. No what I think is missing in Chester is a decent municipal park with a proper greenhouse. The present park is in such a deplorable mess that it forced me to complain. In the local rag recently it said that serious money will be spent revamping it. We sometimes go to Buxton or Shrewsbury to enjoy their beautiful and well maintained public parks. There is another problem, some gardens vdon't alow doggies and I seldom go out without mine.

7 Feb, 2010


What a wonderful display of plants and flowers, just right for this grey and miserable time of year. :o)

8 Feb, 2010


Isn't it a tonic, Lab?

I do hope many others complained, too, Heron. Municipal park regeneration "should" be an "integral part of the curriculum" for all local authorities, but, unfortunately, ever-decreasing budgets and cutbacks, seems to be an all-too-common reason for things not moving on. Parks without doggies????? Can't imagine it!. Pity that Ness is quite so far from home.:-((

9 Feb, 2010


Superb place David and so lucky to have it nearby. Certainly takes away the thoughts of any dentist's drill!

What time was your appointment that day...........tooth hurty!!!!

Grooooooooooooooooooooan!! Great place though, really is:0)

28 Mar, 2010


Ooowwww, Dan - Brill (not drill) pun!! I realise how lucky I am to have this resource locally, and love it! With April arriving next week, will have to go see what's new. :-)

28 Mar, 2010

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