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What a Fab Weekend!


By david


Am working 5 out of 6 weekends, currently, and thought that this free one might bring some light relief. I certainly didn’t expect to have nearly so much fun as I am having, however.

7.30am. – Wakened by the dull “thud” as the mail drops through the letterbox. No bills, surprise, surprise!!! I got me a real “treasure” instead!

Priced £2.50, I got this for free, possibly because I visited this nursery (40mins drive) a few times last summer. This nursery does magnificent show stands at our national gardening show each year, and has a marvellous setting (will share this “jewel” with you later this year in a blog – the location is also fab!).

Leafing through it this morning (haven’t got beyond “O” yet), I see that they have several good “pirate” plants. Euphorbia characias “Black Pearl” was always on our “pirates” list, and I jumped for joy when I saw that they are having this one, this year! There are some more, including one of my fave grasses – Ophiopogon planiscarpus “Black Beard”! The catalogue says (hope I can freely quote) – "like the normal “Black Grass”, but on steroids, everything is bigger. Evergreen l;eaves up to 45cms long,n which should be good for flower arranging. An ideal plant for groundcover, the flowers are scented, too."

I was also amazed to see that they are having the very first plant suggested here on GOY for our “pirates” theme , by dear Gilli! Hemerocallis “Crimson Pirate”!!!! Gilli came up “trumps” with Aquilegia “Chocolate Soldier” last year. Am so happy to find a local source of her suggestion (the very first for our theme). We look forward to getting this!!!

Aquilegia “Chocolate Soldier” in our garden last year.

Soldiers? They wouldn’t stand a chocolate’s hope in ‘ell in this year’s “theme” – aharrr!!!

Soon after digesting the mail, and breakfast, had to go to my local garden centre for a bag of compost. Guess what I found there? The perfect “ammo”!!

Great (cannon)balls o’ fire!!!!!!!! as Tt said.

(More gr8 suggestions for our garden under this pic in me gallery)! :-))

Guess what? I forgot the compost, had to go to me nearest “Homebase” store earlier this evening for it, and got me some more bargains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All were reduced “for quick sale” to £2.00 each!!! I love phormiums,they will look gr8 as foliage plants in our “pirates” garden. The skimmia will also look good for now in the square, black, ceramic planter in my front garden. I paid a mere £4.50 for them all (original price would have been £35.00!!!!!!!!).

Tomorrow, am going on a guided snowdrop walk, as part of our Scottish Snowdrop Festival – no wonder methinks I ’ave died, and gone to ’eaven!!!!


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~ good bargains from Homebase~hope you enjoy the snowdrop walk!

14 Feb, 2010


Thats my sort of weekend David...:>)

14 Feb, 2010


Hi David - you really have got wonderful day off:) it was so much fun reading your blog - something I needed to cheer me up on this dull Sunday morning:) I just started my half term week - which I can say it is familiar to yours - a bit of lazy time after 5 weeks of hard work on my college assignments... my free time will be different though - I am looking forward to take some garden pictures:) - if I only can find some free time in my busy student life:) but as soon as the sun is shining I shoul be out as well:)

14 Feb, 2010


Glad your day off was a gardeners delight david.... you got some good bargains with the plants...... good luck with all your pirate themes for the garden....

14 Feb, 2010


Sounds a great weekend, David, so nice when everything falls into place. Fantastic bargains from Homebase, such big plants. Well done, you!

14 Feb, 2010


It has been good fun, especially as none of it was particularly planned. Have just finished it all off by watching Fourseasons' garden on the Gardeners' World special. :-))

14 Feb, 2010


Great bargains David and nice healthy looking plants you have there, unplanned days are often the best ones.........

14 Feb, 2010

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