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Cold End of February Garden


Well The Beast From The East is looming, the snow hasn’t really reached us yet! Just a dusting.

A few pics taken today.

Then off into the woodland

Cornus mas

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Dawn if you keep showing these marvellous shots of your garden and woodland I am going to expire with envy...
Isn't your anemone early? Mine are not even popping up through the soil yet.

27 Feb, 2018


You're too kind Stera. It's nice that the woodland is nice and frosty underfoot, I've been collecting fallen small branches to tidy it up today in the snowy hail.
Only a couple of anemone blanda are flowering under the shrubs in the garden, nice to see them.

27 Feb, 2018


Thank you. You have an artistic appreciation of the effects of sunlight on trees.

27 Feb, 2018


my A blanda aren't showing yet either stera. my garden looked pristine under its 2" covering of snow. showers off and one all day too.

27 Feb, 2018


Thanks Diane.
We've had dry snow, weird weather, I think we get it properly on Friday.

27 Feb, 2018


Have to agree with Stera.....ah...a garden you can actually take a walk in! :) love that first hellebore, wonderful colour.

27 Feb, 2018


Beautiful photos Dawn. I see you still have flowers on your winter Jasmine. Mine has ended now.
Take care if you get snow. None here at the moment. I went to post a card this afternoon and it felt quite pleasant in the sunshine. Soon to change I think.

27 Feb, 2018


Lovely to see such colour in the sunshine! I planted Anemone Blanda corms in my front lawn, but no sign yet - I hope they’re alive.

My two lovely landscapers have worked for two days in bitter cold, with sleet and snow showers, so back garden is completely bare :) it won’t be long before I have a garden again . . .

27 Feb, 2018


Lovely photos Dawn,and I agree with all the above.

27 Feb, 2018


Some lovely colour in your garden, Dawn, particularly that double Hellebore. You say your garden is not as forward as mine, but I think in your wood you must have a warmer microclimate, my Eranthis hyamalis (which was new last year) is just leaves at present.

28 Feb, 2018


Gorgeous! The best has hit us and all is white.

28 Feb, 2018


Well now I feel as though I've taken a lovely walk, thanks Dawn, as usual it looks fantastic, don't know how that Beastie hasn't reached you yet though, better batten down the hatches, I doubt you'll be lucky enough to miss it completely.

28 Feb, 2018


Thanks Karen and Callie. Thanks Linda, keep safe.
Yes Hywel, your jasmine was in flower before mine.
Sheila, I’m pleased your works gave started, exciting.
Siris, funny you should say that, John only said the other day there was no frost under the trees and the cyclamen coum have been flowering since Nov.
Thanks Lin, yes Beast getting to us tomorrow I think, butter cold, it was -5 around 4pm and now it’s -7.

28 Feb, 2018


I am studying Heliotropism this miserable winter morning
wondering if my Alpine Auriculas will turn with the sun
when they flower in the plastic greenhouses I am getting for them to increase my shade space.
The first few photographs in the above collection illustrate it excellently. Even though the sunlight is weak they are
all turning in the right direction.
Seems the sunlight doesnt have to be warm.

1 Mar, 2018


Always a pleasure to see your woodland Dawn, very cheering in this bleak weather....

1 Mar, 2018


Such a beautiful garden. The hellebore at the beginning is all you could wish for on a wintry day like today!
It is a lovely place to wander through.

1 Mar, 2018


Hello Diane, yes an interesting subject, I don't know if you have Anemone blanda but for sure they turn to face the sun, later in spring when they're en masse I will get a photo to show you.
Thanks DottyD Wildrose :-)

1 Mar, 2018


I have some Anemone corms in 2 tubs on the balcony. They are the first ones I have successfully grown. Think it was because I kept them damp. (Within sprinting distance of the bathroom taps.)
Dont know if they are 'Blanda'.
Someone was talking about the difficulty of getting Anemones to grow no long ago ( I do remember people's
thoughts) it will be interesting to see how they evolve,
think they are in the right place in the shade behind the safety barrier, but on the south side.

2 Mar, 2018


No doubt yours are anemone blanda as the wood anemone are twiggy rhizomes. Yes A blanda are ok in shade, mine in the garden under the shrubs are happy. It was me talking of difficulties growing the wood anemone, we established the rhizomes must have dried out so by planting in the green in spring as opposed to rhizomes in autumn, they should do so much better.

2 Mar, 2018


Your blog has really give me a lift after sitting indoors all day watching the snow falling and falling and falling, just hoping it and the icy winds will blow themselves out by tomorrow. Just closed my eyes and imagined myself wondering through your beautiful woodland.

2 Mar, 2018


Aww Stroller, that’s nice of you to say that. So cold here today and been snowing all afternoon and still is. Hopefully after the weekend we will be back to a bit more like normal.

2 Mar, 2018


These photographs must have meant a lot to members in this awful weather. New ideas, new small areas for designs in the garden, small rockery areas, a great
comfort, particularly for those who live alone.
I find its best to make a sketch on a piece of plain card
before going to the Garden Centre to look for plants.
Keep it small seems to be the best way forward.
It will soon be Spring !
Thank you Dawns Aunt.

3 Mar, 2018


Thanks Diane. Yes, I keep cheering myself up thinking spring is around the corner.
I read and look plants up online and make lists, I find it enjoyable to plan.

4 Mar, 2018


Thanks D.A. Very good advice. Everyone should do the same.

5 Mar, 2018

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