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Autumn Equinox 🍂


So today 23rd September we are officially in Autumn.
The Sun moves over the equator and the length of day and night is roughly equivalent.

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oh dear so more dark than light. OH will end up being very grumpy. I am sure he suffers from SAD but he says its hogwash and he just hates the dark, cold and rain.

I love the 'earthly' aspects of the passing seasons and the reasons for it. All thanks to the tilt of the Earth.
it is a very difficult concept to explain to kids. same with the same face of the moon facing us as it rotates too. :o)

23 Sep, 2018


And there we all were thinking the 21st was the equinox!!! 😀

23 Sep, 2018


Balcony, I always thought in the past each solstice was the 21st.
How you doing Seaburn? I love the changes in season, my OH is into the moon and planets, his birthday is 3rd week in January, around what is said is the most depressing day of the year haha

23 Sep, 2018


Very mixed feelings about so called Druids being allowed into Stonehenge when nobody else is.
We are having a good start to the equinox anyway - I can see a lovely golden sunset through the trees.

23 Sep, 2018


I don't object to Autumn, as long as it doesn't rain every day....

23 Sep, 2018


The worst thing about autumn is the dreaded C*ms adverts will be starting soon

23 Sep, 2018


We went to Stonehenge when I was little, I have photos of me sitting on the stones, no restrictions then.
Yes Dotty, we don’t like too much rain. Oh no Stera, you’re right, sigh, I begin to hate it.

24 Sep, 2018


For most of this week we will have high pressure keeping the wind & rain at bay & causing the temps to rise a little, even if it does leave us with colder nights! By day we are forecast blue skies & sunshine with temps rising towards Thursday!

It's a welcome relief after the week of storms we went through last week! The winds & rain wrecked my balcony!

24 Sep, 2018


I like the autumn. It's time to wind down :)

24 Sep, 2018


Yes Hywel.
We had a ground frost again this morning.

25 Sep, 2018


That's very early. I've never seen frost in September.

26 Sep, 2018


I used to love Autumn, it was my favourite season.. Now I'm older, it's the fact that it slides down into Winter that it doesn't hold the same wonder. The Winters seem to be so long these days, Spring not really coming into its own till the end of April or beginning of May, so it is an awful long time, we seem to be waiting.. That said, we've had the most fantastic summer, I planted a very small white passionflower and it now has flowers ready to bloom, intertwining with the creamy bells of Clem Wisley cream...which shouldn't be flowering till winter..
It's all very odd, but very exciting!

27 Sep, 2018


I’ve just admired your passionflower Janey, i know I dread winter too, but we have our stoves, I’m not a big fan of Christmas and hate January but hopefully we will get another good summer.

30 Sep, 2018

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