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Well that didn’t last long :-(


Some of you may remember me planting a Trillium rhizome in the woodland, well it’s gone! In hindsight I should have covered with wire or something, we suspect badger or squirrel, that is probably the worst £5.99 I’ve ever invested in the garden haha

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Suggest you may have a pregnant Badger close by
Trillium Folklore and History
Trillium root was used to facilitate childbirth, and to treat other female problems by the women of many Native American tribes. Trillium root was considered to be a sacred female herb and they only spoke of it to their medicine women.

23 Sep, 2018


Interesting. Thanks Brian, it was an expensive treat in my behalf.

23 Sep, 2018


oh that is so annoying Dawn. slugs seem to eat the foliage of mine as they emerge. the squirrels haven't found them as yet [well I hope not any way]

23 Sep, 2018


So sorry you’ve lost your precious plant Dawn . . . maddening bad luck :((

23 Sep, 2018


Seaburn, the critter beat the slugs to it, haha, I won't be planting rhizomes again, it's the £5.99 that annoys me. I didn't use BF and Bone either due to bitter experience, when a new peony root was dug up and taken, that must have been a fox.
I know Sheila! Meadow, I've lots squirrel holes everywhere, they seem to be burying rather than digging at the moment.

23 Sep, 2018


Funny how their twitching little noses lead them right to it. The squirrels just destroyed my entire sunflower patch - they ran away with all the flower heads, leaving me a huge mess to clean up.

23 Sep, 2018


Infuriuating! It was an expensive breakfast for somebody.
Very disappointing.

23 Sep, 2018


Oh dear Bathgate, that is annoying. I know Stera, must have been like caviar.

23 Sep, 2018


Oh that is very annoying Dawn, I know how you feel .....but not quite as bad as losing a 14.00 Rhododendron, still upsets me now, and it was years ago!! just upper and died!!

23 Sep, 2018


The Sunflower seeds must have been a treasure for the
Squirrels to find and bury. Those bits they left should have been mixed with old soil, Fish,blood and bone capsules,
horticultural sand and left to rot in an uncovered plastic box over winter. I do it all the time with Gerbil litter. Never buy new compost if I can avoid it. Someone is bringing me some Hollyhock plants, I have put broken pots in the tub bottom for drainage to support their height, and 2 buckets of this compost ready to plant them. The rest can soon be carted round to fill up the tub to support their stems next year.

24 Sep, 2018


So annoying ! Will you buy another one Dawn ? If one of my plants dies I don't feel right until I get a replacement lol

24 Sep, 2018


Love the idea of a pregnant badger!!

(Sorry, dawnsaunt).

24 Sep, 2018


Hywel, I think if I get another it will be an actual p!ant in spring, if only I'd got it going in a pot in the coldframe (hindsight is a wonderful thing).
Eirlys, yes haha
Ouch Dotty, such a waste of money.

25 Sep, 2018

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