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Hi Everyone, no doubt you’ve noticed like me that this site is no longer secure, there’s a red alert triangle next to the web address.
I know we don’t use payment details but wondering if our computers are at risk of being hacked, I dont know enough about these things to know, it’s slightly off-putting.
Thank you

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It is worrying when symbols like that pop up... I noticed the red symbol on my mobile attached to GOY website... It has now disappeared Dawn since I added Norton security to my phone. Can't be too careful nowadays...

24 Nov, 2018


Thanks Meadow for that tip.

24 Nov, 2018


I can't see any red triangle Dawn. Maybe your computer is not up to date with virus protection.
Only last week the chap in the computer shop I go to gave me a row for not keeping my desktop computer up to date. He said 'what's the point of telling you things if you're going to ignore them' lol

24 Nov, 2018


So that told you Hywel :)
Thanks for that advice. I only get the symbol with GOY though, I will investigate.

25 Nov, 2018


Dawn, I looked into this recently. The ‘not secure’ warning is about encryption. Or rather the lack of it. But as this site is public, it would be pointless encrypting anything. Just be careful not to put personal details. I would suggest that from now on we only swap addresses via that private messages aren’t open to hackers. But thats only my cautiousness. On the other hand...might the warning be putting members and new members off?

25 Nov, 2018


It has been there for a long time Dawn, I just ignore it, you could get in touch with the owners of the website, it could do with updating, I hate having to resize photos, not necessary in this day and age, have no trouble with FB....Instagram.. WhatsApp!!!

25 Nov, 2018


I know I'm not posting much these days but I am still here, I've never noticed a warning symbol but we all use Norton here and always have done...

25 Nov, 2018


I haven't had a problem...yet! The malicious techies seem to become more and more sinister & savvy all the time. Anything you upload is tagged with your computer's IP address and could ultimately be tracked back to you, your computer, your location, your home address. Yeh, it happens. Privacy & anonymity 'left the station' ions ago.

25 Nov, 2018


Thanks everyone. It is worrying in this world we find ourselves in these days.

25 Nov, 2018


Yes, that's for sure. I don't know the answer. It's evolving at blistering speed.

25 Nov, 2018


Has anyone else noticed that each year in April/May and October/November the "security" firms have a major sales push? I was receiving notice that this site and another were not "secure" and I remembered my neice complaining that some of her Fb data had been lifted and photos stolen. I think it's just about everywhere and as Bathgate says it's "evolving at blistering speed." The only piracy I could see being interested in my little garden is the ad industry who might like our photos for a particular advertisement. I had one request, years back, to use a pic I had posted. I declined and never heard anything afterward. I don't use my computer as much as I once did...and couldn't tell you if any of my pics have gone missing, even if they had!
My only addition to the discussion would be: check out the source of the notice... if it's Norton.. then there you have it!

27 Nov, 2018


Lori, I think the problem is our computers getting hacked.

28 Nov, 2018


Be careful...My cellphone was hacked as well. All of my contact info was stolen. Over 100 contacts, Names, phone numbers, addresses & messages - all stolen. I think that's even worse.

28 Nov, 2018


Oh dear Bathgate, I hope there were no repercussions.

3 Dec, 2018

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