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A few that caught my eye today


The weather has been dry but a cool wind has made it chilly but the plants are coming to life.

Three different Ribes

Lysichiton americanus (Skunk Cabbage), it has bad press about being invasive but after 7 of so years still tiny

Caltha Paultris (Marsh Marigold)

Ficaria verna ‘Brazen Hussy’ (Lesser celandine)

Hieracium maculatum ‘Leopard’
I like the leaves, the flowers are on long stems and not great but the leaves are different

Prunus × subhirtella ’ Autumnalis’ – flowering again.

Chionodoxa luciliae

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Great spread of chionodoxas -lovely little souls aren't they?
Your marsh marigolds are beautiful. I miss these - mine died and the ones in the village stream have disappeared (so suddenly I think they must be in someone's garden pond...)
Thanks for the memory!

28 Mar, 2019


Really lovely plants Dawn :)

28 Mar, 2019


lovely plants Dawn. your Caltha is much further on than mine and I love your 'leopard'. I must look out for this one.

28 Mar, 2019


Lovely Dawn...All the blues of the Chionodoxa is really eye catching, I have the vast amount of two, its a joke isn't it, they just don't catch on here, I keep trying....

28 Mar, 2019


Loving those Ribes.....ours are not as far on as yours!!!
Brazen hussey has been given the elbow ಠ_ʖಠ it was spreading like a rash!! not good in a tiny garden like ours...pleased to find out what that spotty plant is named, been around for years here, Caltha has disappeared, again? ʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ no idea why, perhaps too dry.... all looks great in your patch Dawn..(•‿•)

29 Mar, 2019


Lovely assortment Dawn I too love the Ribes gorgeous I like Chionodoxa luciliae that also Brazen Hussy and the name lol

29 Mar, 2019


They all look so healthy and vibrant, Dawn.

30 Mar, 2019


Lovely photos. Very bright, pretty colours too!

31 Mar, 2019


Your Cherry tree looks great, Dawn! And all those Chionodoxa luciliae, or Glory-of-the-snow, to give them their popular name, look "glorious"!

3 Apr, 2019

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