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Tomatoes I'm Growing This Year


After years of growing the more traditional tomato seeds like Ailsa Craig, Shirley and Moneymaker I thought this year I would have a complete change and concentrate on flavour, below is my selection.

Golden Sunrise
Black Krim

I will grow the seeds in trays/pots on the windowsill from mid March with a view to planting out in the greenhouse at the end of May when all risk of frost has gone.

Have you tried any if these varieties!

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A very good selection there Dawn.

4 Jan, 2020


I've grown Black Krim & Sungold last year - both extremely delicious.

4 Jan, 2020


Good luck !
I hope they taste nice and you enjoy them :)

5 Jan, 2020


Thanks everyone:)
Very reassuring

5 Jan, 2020


I haven't grown any of them Dawn its going to be interesting for you tasting them ,I love all Toms you can't have to many ...

5 Jan, 2020


Dawn,I do admire you for growing tomatoes..veg are just not my thing..I've tried on a number of occasions but failed miserably....
Will you be using grow bags to grow them on?

5 Jan, 2020


Yes! Sungold and Tigerella. Good luck Dawn. No tomatoes for me this year. I’ve not managed to grow any that taste better than Sainsburys ‘on the vine’ ones. :)

5 Jan, 2020


I just love tomatoes, Dawn. However, I’ve never grown them. Maybe I should try?

5 Jan, 2020


The Sungold are really yummy, they are the best one's I've grown. Those and the 'black' ones. They are very sweet too.

5 Jan, 2020


I have grown them all but black krim and found them to be all good ones.

5 Jan, 2020


Amy, I usually grow 30 plants, like you we love them and have for lunch, dinner and supper haha.
Meadow, I only grow Tom's and Cuc's, love them. I don't tend to use growbags now, I'm going to use big pots this year.
Karen, I'm looking forward to trying them, maybe I should just go to Sainsbury's haha.
Have a go Kate!
That's great to hear Seaburn.

5 Jan, 2020


My only complaint about Black Krim is low output and they seem to take forever to ripen. Maybe it's just my impatience. My growing season is rather short. The tomatoes are very good and they are about the size of grapefruits. I wanted more of them. Solution: grow more plants.

6 Jan, 2020


Thanks Bathgate, I grew some beaf tomatoes one year named Big Boy, they were huge but few and far between. I’ve never grown black tomatoes before, it’s going to be interesting:)
PS. It was snowing in New York on the news on TV last night, can you keep it over there please. ;-)

6 Jan, 2020


I've tried Marmande, Black Krim, Tigerella & Sungold

Of those only Sungold gave good results and did what it said on the tin. I've grown it ever since as it performs just fine for me, including taste

I'm trying Bloody Butcher for the first time this year, supposed to taste nice & the name has shock value for the big kids among us ;-)

6 Jan, 2020


LOL Frosty says you can't have winter without snow - I'll tell him no snow for Leicestershire and that's that. :)

6 Jan, 2020


Haha Bathgate, thank you :-)))))
That's interesting Grandad, I hope Bloody Butcher turns out good for you.

6 Jan, 2020


Of the varieties you mention, Dawn, I've only grown 'Marmande' & that was some years ago! I found the plants produced few tomatoes but quite big. As for the taste I did a tiny experiment: I grew 1 plant on the balcony, one in the greenhouse on the allotment I had at that time & a few outside on my plot. Result: hands down the ones grown outside on the allotment! In fact the following year 1 or 2 plants grew again where I had grown them the previous year!

The one on the balcony in particular produced some flowers that were totally deformed (fascinated, or something like that) but they still managed to make a few tomatoes .

I have grown with great success 'Black Cherry' which taste lovely but are the size of black cherries! But don't be fooled by the name, the plants are anything but small, in fact they very easily reach 7ft +! But they are very prolific bearers. I've grown them 2 years in a row & will sow some more this year.

Another one that has grown very well for me & bears delicious tomatoes is 'Red Robin'. This produces loads of tiny bright red tomatoes on tiny plants that are happy to grow in a 6"pot! Last year was my 2nd year of growing this variety & next year I intend to grow some more! The 1st year I grew them in hanging baskets & I got a very good, tasty crop! Last year in 6" pots!

If you search my blogs you will find a 2 or 3 that I've written about my experiences with growing tomatoes. Perhaps you will gain some inspiration?

7 Jan, 2020


Hi Balcony
Very informative, thank you, Black Cherry sound good, I’ve never grown black ones, it’s going to be strange, ie not as easy on the eye.

8 Jan, 2020


But nice to the taste! they can be a little acid if not ripe enough but I´m going to grow a few plants again this year.

9 Jan, 2020


I can't wait for them.

11 Jan, 2020

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