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Early January Treasures


This has to be the mildest early January I can remember :-)

The first Winter Aconites

Prunus ’Autumnalis’ – never been as good

Peony mlokosewitschii, Molly The Witch buds

Hepatica nobilis

Euphorbia purpurea

I’m looking forward the the fragrance of this Sarcococca, it’s covered in budS

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So many treasures Dawn, aren't we lucky to have our gardens to cheer us..:)) my winter aconites are just about to open too.. Happy New Year..X

9 Jan, 2020


Wonderful to see so much colour Dawn, and that Hepatica is amazing 🙂. Happy New Year!

(Janey did you see my PM to you?)

9 Jan, 2020


I did Sheila, I've PMd you..X

9 Jan, 2020


Some real treasures there Dawn and how early they are! It has certainly been mild here too, but the incessant rain we have had is worrying me.

Do paeonies cope with very wet conditions? I don't want to lose my new ones which we bought at Wisley last year. The camellias seem to have enjoyed all the rain though and as for our lawn ........ will it ever be the same again?!!!

9 Jan, 2020


I'm glad it's mild, it suits the plants and it also suits me :) I hope we don't have severe weather later on to spoil everything.
I love Prunus autumnalis, I had one in my previous garden, it's a lovely little tree and flowers right through the winter. I may get another one for here.
I'm glad to see so many flowers on your Jasminum nudiflorum ...

10 Jan, 2020


Hi Janey :-) Happy New Year. Yes our gardens are our winter saviours.
Happy New Year Sheila. The Hepatica flower is the size of a finger nail, teeny.
Wildrose, the ground is so wet here too, squelchy, the lawn will recover, ours gets churned up most years and it always recovers.
I’ve never had problems with peony’s and wet, the others may know more, I only know they shouldn’t be planted too deep.
Hywel, I’m delighted with my jasmine now I know how to prune :). Yes the mild weather suits me too, my plants usually get badly frosted, although of course I’m holding my breath. The prunus is usually a bit hit and miss but it’s enjoying the frost free conditions.

10 Jan, 2020


Thanks Dawn - I mustn't look for problems where there might not be any!!
It is fine and bright today - so far!

10 Jan, 2020


Lovely to see some colour in your northern garden.

10 Jan, 2020


The mild weather is certainly bringing plants on. I can see a tinge of yellow of my aconites too.
Spring is springing early!

10 Jan, 2020


Lovely to see so many flowers - in the middle of winter!

Been one of the wettest winters I can remember for the last 20 years! Normally we are in one of the driest regions of the country & I laugh every time I hear the phrase "a month's worth of rain in (X period of time)" & say to my wife "we wouldn't notice the difference here!" But I know that in wetter parts of the country that phrase might strike fear in people's hearts as that would probably mean flooding for them!

10 Jan, 2020


Siris, it's unusual for my garden to be so far forward, it's almost like being in the balmy South. ;-)
Seaburn I'm pleased your garden is enjoying the mild conditions too.
Balcony, yes it's so wet, my garden is very squelchy.

10 Jan, 2020


Dawn its all so beautiful - great photos too. The Hepatica is lovely. A kind Goiyer sent me one years ago but it wasn't happy here, boo hoo...

10 Jan, 2020


Thank you Stera, I only use my phone to take photos as quick and I don't think the hepatica is that happy here either but it survives

11 Jan, 2020


Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing. Not much colour in my garden at present, only Violas & Primroses just showing buds.

13 Jan, 2020


Thanks FeverFew, how's your mole situation?

14 Jan, 2020


I've seen lots of Snowdrops this week & even a few Crocuses around town!

16 Jan, 2020


Crikey Balcony so early

17 Jan, 2020


I found a few snowdrops in my garden this week. The moles are very busy out in the Close, but at the moment are not in our gardens, thank goodness!

18 Jan, 2020


It’s great seeing the first snowdrops. I’m pleased the moles are elsewhere, mine is still around but not as rampant and mainly in the beds which is better than the lawn.

18 Jan, 2020


Goodness me Dawn...treasures indeed....hopefully they have survived the frosts!

19 Jan, 2020


Thanks Dotty, it’s surprising how much the trees in the wood protect the plants beneath although I’ve not really had a good look around for damage.

19 Jan, 2020


Trees certainly do help to protect the less hardy plants....

20 Jan, 2020

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