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Due about 14 years ago:

Cutting back Buddleia davidii 'Empire Blue'.

Cut them back by around a 3rd when they've finished flowering, then cut them right down to around a foot end of February.

Due almost 14 years ago:

July 21 2010 Chaenomeles speciosa (Flowering quince).

Take a cutting for Kathy.

Take cuttings Penstemon.

Remember to take cuttings in September, kindly informed by Amy 10.11.09:
No secret Dawn , all you need to do is snip off the top 3 " of the plant , cut across beneath a pair of leaves , take the bottom leaves off , dip in some rooting powder , shake , ( not you silly ) the powder off ..... and pot it up .

Due over 13 years ago:

Collect fruit for amy Damson.

Send Amy some damsons.

Growing seeds Clematis viticella abundance.

Fairly easy from seed, sown freshly. Viable seed is plump and obvious, at the end of the 'dandelion' type tails. Nip off the tail and sow in ordinary compost, now and leave to the winter and they usually germinate in Spring. They take about 3 years to reach flowering size. As hybrids they may not come true.