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Bamboo Bother (but also sad)


By daylily


We had been meaning to reduce and thin out the bamboo last year and didn’t get round to it so finally yesterday hubby had a look at it, we guessed it wouldn’t be easy but didn’t realise how dense the culms had become. So unfortunately we have bit the bullet and decided to take it out (hopefully) completely as obviously it will only continue to bulk up and be high maintenance. But we have really enjoyed it, it has been a lovely plant and obviously liked where it was situated.

We didn’t really have any runners it would send up a random shoot occasionally near the clump, hubby did take a chunk of root out a couple of years ago in the far corner.

Wish us luck in getting it out, hubby needs some muscle power but will take his time, it’s been in the ground 8 years. It was huge and the spread was where hubby left foot is. It is one big mass of root and solid.

I know people say don’t plant without a barrier but you make that decision and have to experience it yourself don’t you. We are sad it’s gone though, was one of hubbys favourites.

Thanks for looking in :-) PS was talking to neighbour yesterday and today has asked for a piece for someone!

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Not something I could contemplate with my little patch, love them though

Next time I'm at Hillier's I'll take photos of the bamboo "jungle" there, also huge clumps at Wisley, which demonstrates just how large a clump can get

19 Apr, 2019


Hi grandad gardener thanks, some are massive aren't they and scarey lol :-)

19 Apr, 2019


Don't think I'd better tick the 'like' box, looks like hard work, take it carefully.

19 Apr, 2019


I think I would hire a little digger lol I don't envy your hubby wish him good luck from me . I know how difficult Pampass grass is to get out.

In the early 80s I was taken to Frejus in France delivering holiday caravans the patch of ground we delivered them to had steep hills with houses in the hills at the bottom near by the caravan patch was fields of bamboo surrounding it they were huge in thickness and and height it look like a jungle walking by them

19 Apr, 2019


Thanks Siris he must, he got a few pieces out yesterday and it was hard work :-/

Thanks Tpb, I know I think he's just going to chisel it out bit by bit hopefully. When we have been to Greece there's large areas of what looks like bamboo grove :-0

19 Apr, 2019


Yes that might be best for him Daylily .

Sounds like that's what it was in France then a grove I loved it but I would nt want that kind in my garden lol.

19 Apr, 2019


Nor me lol

20 Apr, 2019


Lol 😂

20 Apr, 2019


That looks like hard work. I have a small bamboo but I keep it in a pot.

23 Apr, 2019


Don't blame you Hywel, would do that if I really want another, was good while it lasted :-)

24 Apr, 2019

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