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Right Plant..........Right Place....?????


By daylily


Just watching Gardeners World and Monty talking about the conditions Agapanthus require.

I have Agapanthus Africans Alba facing north/west against my patio. It’s been there nearly 10 years and flowered lovely last year, I suppose I took a chance when I planted it, I also paid £10 at the time, Monty says they like free draining soil but mines in slightly acid pretty damp but fairly friable soil. I think it is in a pretty sheltered spot by the patio wall and step so I’m guessing this is why it is happy.

Anyone else have a plant in the Wrong place …..? :-))

First picture when I bought it, second last year

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if it is happy its happy. Right plant right place is the title of one of the talks I give and my final comment is 'if its growing well its happy and remember plants cant read the books!'

There is a train of thought that they like to be pot bound so why are some of the most amazing clumps I have seen are in open borders? that's because the soil conditions and light levels are good.

Clearly some plants do have specific requirements such as ericaceous conditions but there are many that are just not fussy.

that is a lovely specimen you have too.

10 Feb, 2021


I have a saponaria "Max Frei" which is an alpine plant needing well-drained soil. It's planted in my clay border and is spreading and flowering well. (Up until now, that is, it's been very wet so far this year, so we shall see if it has survived).
Your agapanthus is lovely: obviously it can't read!

10 Feb, 2021


Yes, just don't tell it its in the wrong place. Be a shame to give it psychological problems when its doing so beautifully!
I have some sort of Euonymus that I thought was a low grwing one but it doesn't agree and is away up after a few years of nice round neatness.. Needs a good chop now...

I discovered that its parent is now a tree...

10 Feb, 2021


I have mine in a large pot outside my kitchen door. It stays there over the winter because it is too heavy to move. It has flowered every year and I live in Scotland.

10 Feb, 2021


I have a white Agapanthus growing in sandy soil & it never flowers. Have had it for about 4/5years. Is it possible to plant them too deep? I thought about digging it up & putting it in a pot but it was too heavy for me to lift, would have to get help. Is it worth trying this?

10 Feb, 2021


Thanks SBG, my mom has a tall one in a pot but it struggles to flower,
Thanks Anget hope your plant survives,
Thanks York's, I will keep it a secret!
Thanks Linda, that's good yours doing well
Thanks Feverfew, I guess if it's never flowered could be worth a try, or you could try giving liquid seaweed feed, I tend to try this if plants don't flower, I have another one further down the garden only 2-3 years old but didn't flower last year, I was thinking of moving that but it's the same soil as this one

11 Feb, 2021


Looks happy enough where it is, looks like it’s flourishing too.

13 Feb, 2021


Thanks Kate :-))

16 Feb, 2021

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