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Confessions of a seed addict


Hello all
I have only just joined GOY but am already addicted to the site. I am fairly new to gardening, but have the perfect garden to hone my skills, as this one needs a lot of work. We have managed to add a bit of structure and now we need to concentrate on the flowers and the vegetables that we want to grow this year.
Last year, I grew lots of flowers from seed for the first time ever. I chose the easiest ones so I wouldn’t be put off (corncockle, love in a mist, sweet peas, nasturtiums, poached egg plant etc) and it was very successful. Now I find myself drooling over the seed catalalogue and have bought lots and lots of seeds for flowers and veg for this year. I am currently chitting potatoes, my raspberry canes and blueberries turned up yesterday, and I have propogators all over the place.
IS THIS NORMAL? Will I ever be able to walk past the seed display in the garden centre again without scooping up handfuls of those lovely packets?
I will be posting photos of my efforts over the coming months and will probably bore you all senseless, but I think you will all understand where I’m coming from!!

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Hi DebbiePugh Welcome 2 GOY ,Sounds like your in the Rite Place Being Addicted 2 Seeds :) Youl Find weve all got The GOY Addiction Here as well as Seeds/Flowers/Plants ,Hope ul enjoy being with us , Cant wait 2 see your Pics of all the Hard Work youv done already :)

28 Jan, 2009


Some are for direct sowing, some are already in the propagators waiting to 'hatch'. I don't think I ever paid this much attention to my kids!

28 Jan, 2009


Yes, it sounds perfectly normal to me!
Well, if I'm normal, that is, but maybe some would dispute that.

28 Jan, 2009


just to add - look forward to seeing some photos of your garden. Particularly interested to see how you've added structure, bcos that bit doesn't come naturally to me at all.

28 Jan, 2009


Welcome to GOY. It is totally normal. I think most gardeners are the same because I know I am. :o)

28 Jan, 2009


Welcome to GOY.
I think you'll find this is called the "gardening bug". It is quite normal (I hope). Restless times - wanting to get going in the garden. Thank goodnes for seed catalogues.

28 Jan, 2009


Welcome to GOY, and yes it is normal,not very often that i walk past a seed rack, plants for sale etc without buying something, as for seed packets i've got that many, if i planted them i've have enough to give to everyone on my street.

28 Jan, 2009


I'm planning to sow some seeds to be on my kitchen worktops in little seed trays. I shall be watching your blogs with interest. :o) Good luck with all your seedlings.

and welcome to GoY.
Enjoy. :o)

28 Jan, 2009


Hi and welcome, once the gardening bug hits you that is never get over it....hooked for life believe me, I should know....has cost us a small fortune over the years, do I regret it NO would do it all again, each year cant wait for Spring to come and see all the new plants coming up, trying to remember what you planted where? normal well fairly!!!!!

29 Jan, 2009


Hallo - yes, it's totally normal, well on GOY it is, anyway!

Glad you've joined us.

I had fun this morning browsing a great seed catalogue and I've SENT the order off! Hooray!

29 Jan, 2009


I don't know how anyone can ignore racks of seed packets, they are a real magnet for me.
In an attempt to control my compulsion for adding to my seed packet collection I have challenged myself to buy ONLY what is on my shopping list.
I must confess so far this year I have only bought two additional packets for every one on the list, well that is an improvement!

30 Jan, 2009


Try to find charity plant sales too. They usually have little plants for 50p upwards so if you buy one you don't like it's no big deal. Have you tried taking cuttings from other peoples gardens...with permission of course. This is equally addictive. Invest in some good books and scour the library shelves for books to read when the weather's bad or it's dark.There's so much to learn! And it's the kind of hobby that other people can look at and appreciate, so we're doing the world a favour too!!

31 Jan, 2009


hey Debbiepugh

welcome to plantaholics annonymouse..

we all started like you just a couple of seeds once or twice a year. then after a while it became more often.
i've tried cutting down the amount i sow but its no use
i can't help myself now i've got a small nursery so i can sow even

its a healthy addiction you go girl...:-))

20 Feb, 2009


oh, and the answer to your q "will i ever be able to... again?" is a firm, happy NO.

25 Feb, 2009

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