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Earlier today I was looking at the bbc news website, and clicked on technology, there are a number of short video,s, one of which was for a new gadget to tell you of your potted plants needs.
You put this sort of sensor into the pot, I don’t know whether the data base of about 2000 plants comes with it or not, but it lets you know about light, moisture, temperature and salinity of your fertilizer, and whether you have the right conditions, it tells you when to water, when you have the right light, when you have the right temperature, and when to fertilize it.
I would imagine that it will cost quite a bit, they don’t say how much, but it does look like a very handy gadget to have, especially for inexperienced gardeners.
It will also send a message to your smart phone.
If anyone would like to have a look, go to bbc news home page, click on technology, scroll down to c e s 2013 first looks & tryouts, move through the video,s until you see: online plants a growth area, click that and watch the video, it’s just over 2 minutes, I think you’ll like it, Derek

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we got a watering one at work a few years ago. now we use the Thumb! better and the plants do better with the care and experience you gain by true hands on.

i suspect if you like technology and want to find out if you are doing it right it is money well spent. :o)

13 Jan, 2013


Goodness can you just imagine all your plants phoning you to say things are not right and could you correct the lighting etc. Sounds awful.

14 Jan, 2013


Big seedling is watching you.........

A bonus for growers though

14 Jan, 2013


I used to have a gadjet years ago, that told me if the soil was too dry.
I'll have a look at the BBC site later on. it will be interesting just to see it :o)
I haven't got a smart phone though ...

14 Jan, 2013


Thanks for your replies, I'm not into technology either, just thought it might be of interest to someone.
Hywel, I don't have a smart phone either, all I do on my mobile is phone people, don't even text very often, very novel lol, Derek.

14 Jan, 2013


I've just got a smart phone and enjoy it, my photo's are on there and my kindle books and some music so I'll not be without a book or something to listen to if I have a long wait anywhere (such as waiting for a train.....) oh and I can make phone calls too......

14 Jan, 2013


I haven't even got a mobile any more lol I lost it and didn't replace it because I never used it.

14 Jan, 2013

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