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By derekm


I have just read a blog by Janey, showing some lovely photo’s of spiders webs, I was quite surprised by the number of people commenting, who did not like spiders, and thought I would share with you a way to prevent them coming into your homes, I don’t mind spiders, because they get rid of other things which are less desirable, so I don’t bother with the following.
Each year when the horse chestnuts start falling off the trees, collect a bagfull and place 1 in each corner of your downstairs rooms, not forgetting any alcoves, bay windows etc, my sister swears by this and it’s very rare that she gets a spider in her house, just replace once a year, round about now, Derek.

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I don't mind spiders, but it is rather a nuisance when their webs cover everything in my shed. I think I'll put a few conkers in there, and they can make their webs somewhere else :o)

30 Aug, 2013


I do this and it does work! Trouble is, there were very few conkers around last year and the older conkers from the previous year seem not be as effective now. Must look out for some fresh ones!

30 Aug, 2013


We always remove spider without harming them but they do unnerve me somewhat so I will try this. Thanks, Derek.

30 Aug, 2013


I don't mind them much either,but I couldn't eat a whole one..:o)..not keen on walking into a web though,even though they are works of art ..thanks for the advice,Derek,as I've never heard of your remedy..

31 Aug, 2013


I don't really mind spiders, the big ones you can just pick up and put outside. It's the small bodied ones with long thin legs that we get inundated with, we call them harvest spiders here, goodness knows why they are about all year!
I shall certainly try this as it would be great if they disappeared from the house.

31 Aug, 2013


Thank you all or the comments, I've just been inormed by my sister, that you have to drill a small hole in them, presumably to allow more of whatever it is the spiders don't like to escape, Derek.

4 Sep, 2013


For a minute there, I thought you meant drilling a hole in the spider, Derek!! Horrible thought.

6 Sep, 2013


Lol, Tb, no, just the conker!, Derek.

7 Sep, 2013

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