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A word of caution !!!


By derekm


About 4 1/2 weeks ago, I started to redecorate the bathroom and kitchen, but whilst emulsioning the ceiling I overstretched and pulled a muscle in my back, as I’m no stranger to pulled back muscles, I didn’t bother going to the doctors, as it noemally clears up in a week – 10 days, so when it started going into the third week, I decided it was time to see him, it turned out I had a water infection, and was given anti-biotics, which were quite effective, easing the pain in less than 48 hours.
Unfortunately, I had to sneeze, so as I still had a bit of pain, I tried to stifle the sneeze as much as possible! BIG MISTAKE!!, it felt as though the inside of my chest was trying to escape through my ribs, but as I was on anti-biotics, thought it would get easier, wrong again, the anti-biotics finished, but the pain just got worse and worse, so this morning I went to see the doc again, good news, the infection has cleared up!, unfortunately, I now have a BROKEN RIB, which apparently is going to take weeks to heal, fortunately I have been given some very strong painkillers.

And the word of caution, NEVER, EVER, try to stifle a sneeze, Derek.

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You have my sympathy Derek as I know how much pain my dad was in when he broke a rib, you take care now...

20 Nov, 2013


Oh Derek, you poor thing!..Just hope you're feeling better really soon and that won't need to sneeze :o

20 Nov, 2013


It's no good ignoring a pain. Always better to get it seen to.
Take care. Broken ribs are very painful. My mother had 3 of them once, and was in a lot of pain. I hope you'll be pain-free soon.

20 Nov, 2013


I've done that Derekm and it hurts like mad. I found resting on the broken side was less painful as your healthy ribs have to rise against gravity and the broken one is 'restricted' by the bed/chair. I know it sounds counterintuitive but it does help. Try not to be tempted to breather shallowly though as you will take more breaths per minute.

speedy recovery.

20 Nov, 2013


You have been through the wars Derek - what a horrid thing to happen, and there's nothing "they" can do for a broken rib is there? Thank goodness we live in an age of pain killers!

20 Nov, 2013


Hi Derek ..
I hope you are pain-free soon ...
heal up quickly ..

21 Nov, 2013


Hi, thank you all for your sympathy, the painkillers have kicked in now, and the pain has eased considerably.
My doctor says I have a very high pain threshold, {don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad}, maybe if I hadn'tI would have gone to the doctors earlier.
Sbg, thanks for the tip, I had read that on the internet, but couldn't understand why, so thank you.
Sue, you're right there is nothing "they" can do, it's just a case of waiting for it to heal, could be 2 months or more apparently, {hope it isn't} Derek.

21 Nov, 2013


Unbelievable isn't it ?
"One darned thing after another ."
I hope that you feel well soon , Derek .
Did you manage to finish the work ?

21 Nov, 2013


Hi Driad, thank you for your good wishes.
No I was about half way, I've done the emulsioning but still have the gloss to do, I hope to be able to finish it before Christmas, but i not it will get done in the new year, I'm not a decorator, I'm DECORHATER,lol, Derek.

21 Nov, 2013


Who'd have thought stifling a sneeze could break a rib! Glad the painkillers are now working and hope it heals quickly.

21 Nov, 2013


T.hanks Lijemc, yes I was quite surprised myself when the doc said it, apparently it happens quite a lot.
The painkillers seem to be working, I'm in nowhere near as much pain now, I take a couple of tablets before I go to bed, and manage to get round about 4 1/2 - 5 hours sleep, but then it's almost time for the next lot, Derek.
Ps, as I put the full stop at the end, it suddenly jumped to the first word, but I couldn't be bothered starting again, Derek.

22 Nov, 2013

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