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Speedy growth


By derekm


Hi everyone, on the 19th of february 2014, I bought 1 3ltr pot of Euphorbia Griffithii ‘fire cracker’, which I duly planted in my oval bed, well it certainly liked the position, for the last 2 days, I’ve been busy digging up about 6 square yards of it, it was strangling everything in its path, including a Ceanothus ‘Concha’, and 2 species of Aster, the roots, although not very deep, were quite difficult to get out, and up to 2" thick, I filled 2 × 240 ltr bins yesterday, [which got emptied this morning] and another 1 this afternoon, now I don’t mind plants spreading a bit, that’s really what is expected of them, but from a 3 ltr pot to 6 square yards in 4 and half years is a bit too much, so I had thought of just reducing the size, but in the end, I decided to get rid of the lot, which will free up some space for a few plants which are better behaved, so if anyone is thinking of buying this, I would advise that you think very carefully, about where you put it, to me it’s a thug, and I won’t be buying another 1, Derek.

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I don't have Euphorbias in my gardens ... really don't like the look of them.. something menacing about their appearance !

7 Aug, 2018


I have thought about buying that one for my hot colours bed Derek. Thanks for putting this one. I certainly won't be getting it. Like Terra, they aren't my favourite plants anyway, but the Martinii types are great in the winter.

7 Aug, 2018


Very tempting but thanks for the warning!

7 Aug, 2018


Hi, thanks for your comments, Tt, yes there was something very menacing about them on Sunday, I hadn't noticed how large the clump had got,because I couldn't see the back edge as I went down the path, because of the large Phormium, so it had to go.
Karen I'm glad I managed to let you know what a thug it is, before you bought yours, although it does look quite nice as the sun sets behind the red stems in winter.
Stera, glad to be of service, Derek.

7 Aug, 2018


Thanks for the advice Derek. I have a Japanese anemone that has taken over like your Euphorbia. I wish I could get all roots out but impossible it goes so deep. Just got to keep at it everytime I see a bit. I only have Euphorbias in large pots and having read this, I'm glad I do.

9 Aug, 2018


HI Thorneyside, I'm glad it was useful to you, I'm the exact opposite with Japanese Anemone, I can never get them to last more than 2 years, tried a few times, but no success, although I know most people, have trouble getting rid of them. it must be my clay soil, although I have improved it over the years, it now drains better, but is still clay, Derek.

9 Aug, 2018


Thank you Derekm for this I am glad now mine died I was going to replace it but now I won't bother I hope you manage to clear it all I have bindweed from the church so I know your plight.

13 Aug, 2018

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