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By derekm


Yesterday I spent about 2 hours raking leaves from my lawn and bottom patio area, filling 4 compressed wheelbarrow loads, today I had about half as many again, especially on the bottom patio, over the years I’ve resisted the temptation to buy a leaf blower /vacuum, because I find it a very relaxing job usually, but as some of you may know, I have arthritis in my spine, so yesterday wasn’t very relaxing at all, so when I was shopping in Tesco this afternoon, I saw a stack of their own brand blower / vacuum’s for £32, it’s electric, and I usually prefer petrol machinery, but at that price I thought I may as well give it a try, so put 1 in my trolley, when I got home I assembled it, and tried it out, FANTASTIC, it cleared the bottom patio and the steps, in about 5 minutes, so in my view a good buy, it’s 2500 watts, so quite powerful, plus earlier this week I had bought a Sneeboer &Zn ‘perennial spade, a bit expensive at £62, but it’s 1 of the most useful tools I’ve ever bought, it’s 22" from the tip of the blade, to the top of the ‘T’ handle, it was originally for dividing perennials, but you can do lots of jobs with it, I think it is money well spent, anything to make my gardening a little easier on my back, I’m a very happy gardener, Derek.

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I think I will send oh off to have a look as I am getting fed up of raking and especially fed up with his moaning about raking ;o)

I agree any tool that makes life that bit easier is well worth the money.

21 Oct, 2018


Be sure you don't suck any stones up as it will brake the machine which happened to my son.

Glad it makes it much easier for you Derek.

21 Oct, 2018


Much easier ... dont throw your leaves away though , keep them ! In winter, if you have plants you want to protect from the biting weather , put leaves over them.

In summer if the day is going to be very hot and you maybe have new little plants that needs protection ... put some leaves over them .
Making some home compost , throw some leaves in there!

21 Oct, 2018


Hi Eileen, I had a look online at Tesco, and each page said they no longer sell this item, so it would appear they were just selling them off, it makes the job so much easier, I have also blown the water out of my fountain bowls, so that I could put the cover on it for winter, I hope you manage to get 1.
Hi 3d, ys they give you plenty of warnings about things like that in the instructions, thank you for your comment.
Hi Brentsa, no I never throw the leaves away, leaf-mould is far too useful to do that, I have a large stack each year, and use it in compost mixes, especially seed compost for seeds which can be a bit difficult to germinate, and any that's left over,I spread on my flower beds, along with home made compost, Derek.

21 Oct, 2018



22 Oct, 2018


I have had one for almost twenty years and do find it works well in blowing or sucking up leaves. The bonus is the leaves are cut up quite small which means turning them in to leafmould is quicker as unlike compost it needs cold not heat. This is also good for slow to rot leaves such a sycamore, also the modern lawn mower will do this job too.

24 Oct, 2018


Hi Drc, until this year, I've always considered them to be a novelty, that you would only use for a few weeks in autumn, having now got 1, I'm finding it a lot better for my back, should have got 1 years ago, Derek.

24 Oct, 2018

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