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Hi everyone, this blog has nothing whatsoever to do with gardening, more information for customers of talktalk , who have a youview box.
After a few days away, and no internet, I checked all my e-mails, and there was 1 from talktalk, to say that as from February, my youview service, which has been free up to date, will go from free, to £4 per month, this just happens to coincide with the end of their mobile phone service, they will not be renewing any mobile phone contracts, as they expire.
I wasn’t very happy with this, and had decided to get a freeview + and record box, however I thought I would inform them, that I wasn’t happy about this, so I rang their customer services, when you phone them, you’re asked to say in a few words, what you’re phoning about, so I said I wanted to cancel my t v service, a voice asked if I wanted to cancel all or part of my contract, to which I replied, yes, I was immediately put through to their customer loyalty section, where I explained what I wanted to do, and why, to which I explained that I wasn’t willing to pay the extra money, just so that they wouldn’t lose so much money, when all their mobile contracts had expired. I was asked to hold the line for a few minutes, while she sorted something out, after a few minutes, the lady came back on the line, and told me thatI would not have to pay the £4 extra per month, and everything would remain the same, so for anyone who has their phone, broad band, and tv services with talktalk, I would advise that you contact them, and say you want to cancel your t v services, they will probably do the same for you, Derek.

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my daughter has her broadband with them but not sure what else she gets. I will mention it to her.
thanks for this Derek.

11 Jan, 2019


Have heard that it's always worth threatening to cancel, or not renew a contract, to get an advantageous offer. Don't like this policy. I pay £5 a month more than a neighbour for the (exact) same service, oddly.

14 Jan, 2019


Hi Derek ... not relevant to my TV etc. but always useful to let readers know this sort of advice, so, well done.

15 Jan, 2019


Hi everyone, thanks for your comments.
Eileen, I hope your daughter, if she has her tv services from them, gets the same response that I got.
Eirlys, I would get on the phone to your provider, and ask why you're paying £5 per month more than your neighbour, and threaten to cancel your contract, that certainly is not justified.
Tt, I do like to tell people about these sort of things, but a lot of people just go along with it, because they feel they may be offending them by objecting to the increase, I say, offend them, it's your money, they need you, more than you need them, Derek.

15 Jan, 2019


I am a bit late to be posting on your blog Dm but I phoned our electricity provider when I got the renewal quote as a fixed price deal was ending. The quote was for £131 per month up from £119 per month. I wanted to find out if they had a cheaper deal I could use. One at 66p less a month was the cheapest on offer but I was advised to phone U switch who had a deal provided by this company at less cost but only through the U switch site. He even provided the phone number. When I called I was advised that that offer had just been withdrawn but they did offer me another deal which I have accepted with a different company. It is still a green deal but will cost me £88 a month. It is based on my previous providers quote based on what I had used in the previous twelve months. I have double checked both the day rate and the price per unit and it works. To drop their package would cost me £5 if I want to switch to someone else at anytime. For us it is a win,win solution and is yet another way in which we have been callously ripped off.
I found out after being with my vehicle rescue service for so long that I am now a gold member that I need to phone and threaten to cancel every year when the renewal quote arrives. Otherwise I will just be quoted the price offered to new members. I am always glad to hear of good people helping others. Stay safe.

22 Mar, 2020


Hi Scotsgran, that sounds like a good deal, £31 a month less, well done, I have to threaten to cancel my car insurance every year, last year it was £374, this year they quoted my renewal at £775, Ilooked online, and the cheapest quote for the same cover was£380, I phoned them and said I wanted to cancel, a few minutes later, I agreed to renew with them for £382, a phone call can work wonders, Derek.

22 Mar, 2020



22 Mar, 2020

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