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Waste of money


By derekm


Today on the news, there was a piece about ’’researchers’’ have discovered that people with arthritis, are more likely to suffer pain on days that are more humid/ windy, why on earth did they have to waste money to find that out, anyone who has arthritis could have told them that for free.
I know that we have to have people researching things, to try and improve our lives, but really, do they need to spend probably thousands of £££s, to discover what everyone with arthritis knows, and have known for years, I think all this money could have been better spent on finding a cure for this debilitating disease, or at least something that, at least, alleviates the pain, sorry, rant over, Derek.

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Rant away Derek. The only thing I can say in any form of defence [and I don't really want to defend it ]is that people just saying they are worse may be due to them always being told that they will suffer more in damp weather etc. sort of opposite of placebo effect.

But I know from experience that old breaks in my collarbones ache in damp cold weather. don't know why as the bone is thicker and stronger than before.

24 Oct, 2019


A cure for arthritis would devastate the pharmaceutical & medical industries. How would they get your insurance money? Same for AIDs. These industries carry a lot of political clout. That's why Obama was promoting Thera Flu. It's all about money. We live in a money driven society.

24 Oct, 2019


In literature there are references to the cold and damp causing pain etc going back centuries. But try telling the powers that be that things improve in dry warm weather for some its like banging your head against a brick wall.
That being so I welcome research because it gives a foundation of increased knowledge leading to proof and or probability which enables treatment to be understood, ratified, licenced and available to all at a cost that become affordable.
Some years ago in America two men tried to invent the worlds strongest glue and in fact invented the weakest glue instead of throwing it away they researched possible uses for it and came up with Post-its.

25 Oct, 2019


Somebody employs these people to spend thousands and months 'discovering' something everyone already knows about. One on the tele recently spouting on about something (forget what) that was so obvious it makes you wonder why they bothered. Heard on the radio that the cost of the new Cystic Fibrosis drug will cost £100,000 per person per year and has just been negotiated and approved. How do these industries justify those amounts? I know they spend years on research, but surely it will be re-couped over the coming years without charging that amount. Arthritis is no fun as I know and any money should be ploughed into a cure not a research keeping someone in a job that ends in that sort of result! Rant on Derek!

25 Oct, 2019


My daughter suffers badly with arthritis, hers flares up when it feels like it irrespective of the weather, wet and damp is terrible for her, heat is also bad, wind makes her tired, no happy medium, you rant away Derek......

25 Oct, 2019


Hi everyone, sorry about the delay in responding, but I've been away for a few days, attending my Grandsons wedding.
I agree with all the above, and realise the need for research into different things, and that there are certain things that they will never find a cure for, because of the financial implications that a cure would present, ie, people living longer, people out of work, etc, several years ago, the Kellogg company spent £millions to find out why corn flakes went soggy when left in the milk for a while the answer they got, was that it was caused by the ingress of liquid, which I thought at the time, was a case of 'stating the B obvious,' however, they decided to put some kind of coating on them to try and stop them going soggy, it worked fine, until the coating dissolved, then back to square 1,
money well spent, ???, I think not, Derek.

28 Oct, 2019


Amazing! Things they do to keep themselves in work. I can't understand the high costs of some medicines. On the news today they were on about Canabis treatment for the poor people who suffer from epilepsy. It costs £13 .000 per month. They want the NHS to pay ( if they can get it that is). Why can't it be produced cheaply? I don't know the answer.

31 Oct, 2019


Hi Ff, it beats me!!, even the people who grow it ille'gally don't charge that much, I think the pharmaceutical companies want to get their outlay back in the first year, Derek.

31 Oct, 2019


Hi Derek .. Some research projects do seem to be an unnecessary expense, don't they. That money could have been spent more wisely !

10 Nov, 2019


Hi Tt, yes I totally agree, there must be literally thousands of things, that would be more beneficial to the general populace, but unfortunately, it's the big companies that have money to waste on unnecessary research projects, Derek.

10 Nov, 2019

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