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Learning from comments in Goy.


Weary of the allotment drought, I copied ideas from Goy and am starting a Container Garden at home.
As members wrote about Plant Labels, I am writing a new thin label for each plant, with a Code on the back.
I write the correct name on the front.
e.g. A1 is Achilla. In the winter I will have this reference when the plant dies down.
Then I stick the labels onto an A4 plain paper sheet, with the Code and any instructions I need to follow later on. Or information from Wikipedia about each plant.
This sheet of paper goes into a plastic file with seperate insert leaves. Often 8 plants will fit onto both sides of one page. I can keep it in the greenhouse.
Thanks to all the members who wrote about their Container Gardens. My soil is clay sub-soil, so I can only grow tough old car park plants in the rest of the garden.
I am now feeling much happier. Thank you all for helping me.

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good old FYM! (farmyard manure) may help but there are lots of tough plants out there that not only should survive but won't tremble at the thought of another cold winter......brrr

14 Jul, 2011


Have to say some carpark areas have some very attractive shrubs, so you can still make it nice, my garden is claysoil but over the years I`ve found what does best and gradually it has become easier to work.
You sound very organised with your labels, I`ve lost many over the years but luckily with using goy I have been able to recognize a lot of my plants from other members pics which is a great help,.
Have you started to use your garden page Diane? thats a great place to record your plants and you can also add a photo and info about them...

14 Jul, 2011


This sounds very organised. The sharing of ideas is one of the best things about this site. I have started a notebook of names this year as i remember some but not all. Thanks for the tip about the garden page, Lincslass. I mean to use it when I get time. Maybe i'll take the photos now and do it as a winter job!

14 Jul, 2011


Thank you all for the comments. I put 27 barrowloads of Chicken Manure on the border 8 years ago. Grew 46 Russell Lupin plants from seed and planted out in this border. All plants were strong, they made a lovely show the next summer. The following year 43 of them were dead. I have Russell Lupins on my allotment, they survived the Nov.2010 freeze-up. So I will be better to concentrate on container plants with nutritious compost.

14 Jul, 2011


Well done you ! Carry on with this site as it's so friendly and informative and I'm sure it will help you with your future gardening.

15 Jul, 2011


Good luck :o) You are very organised.
Welcome to GoY !

15 Jul, 2011


Adding this blog to GoYpedia Plant Labels..
... good luck with your plans :o)

28 Jul, 2011

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