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Rotting plastic


I have found plastic cloches only last 2 years as I put them over my Spring Cabbage plants all winter. Suppliers say they should last at least 4 years, presume this is if they are just used in the better weather. They have replaced the 2 that disintegrated, but I am still not happy with them.
Found the Green Mesh cloches stand up to the weather much better, as our winter crops are subject to Magpie and Pigeon attacks.
I have thrown the rotting plastic out, kept the wires which are very good.
Then got 3.5 metres of Green Mesh. Found the runnels can be inserted using a domestic sewing machine.
Put the first runnel under the presser foot 12" from the end, + fold 1.5 " ,and stitch along the 12" edge. Measure the other end to get the runnel straight, and fix with a bulldog clip, as pins fall out. Put another bulldog clip half way along, and pinch along the Mesh to get it straight. Stitch on No.3.
Then measure the other end of the length of Mesh, being careful to get it on the same side (!) and do the same again.
Then measure 22" from the first runnel, + 1.5 " for the runnel, and do the same again.
By sewing each end alternately it helps with the long length of Green Mesh.
I now have a new cloche, which is much easier to water, and know my seedlings will be happy growing in it.

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They were Haxnick Plastic Cloches - about £31 each including postage - I bought 8. Wouldnt recommend them. Had to take them off to water the rows in the hot weather. Plants thrived, birds and insects kept off. Had some good crops. Just thought I had bought them for the rest of my life. There are other mini-Polytunnels advertised, I wouldnt buy them after this disappointment.

The Green Mesh ones are much better, as the rain infiltrates.

The larger hoops are available seperately from 'Naturally Yours' at Cirencester, and would be better with the Runnels stitched into the Green Mesh bought from a GC by the Metre, and cut to fit the hoops cross ways. I am changing to that method, as they fit my Winter Greens.

We live and learn.

8 Feb, 2012

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