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Hardy Plants ?


With the strange weather patterns we are experiencing the source of plants is important.
I have found that buying Hardy Perennial Plants on market stalls because they are cheaper is not a good idea. They seem to have been brought straight from a
sheltered Polytunnel growing condition.
These over night lower temperatures and frosts damage them almost to the point of killing them off. Its a nuisance to have to keep running out to cover them and remove the protection every morning, in addition to all the other jobs we do.
Hardy Plants bought from a private garden centre, or nursery where they are growing out in the open, are conditioned to the variability of the early Spring weather it would seem.

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I do so agree with you also the plants seem to be much stronger as well from a nursery or private gc :)

14 Apr, 2012


You make a good point that when we buy plants we don't always know of the environment in which they've been growing !

15 Apr, 2012


Most hardy perennials in places like Tesco and on market stalls are stored overnight in a lock up, inside, and in the case of supermarkets, obviously they're indoors the whole time. But observation of hardening off rules means they're worth it - I just keep doing the in and out until they're hardened off, over a week or so, and then they're out. Saves a good bit of money, that's for sure.

15 Apr, 2012


It is a good idea if one has purchased from one of the supermarkets to accustom them gradually as one would if they were homegrown, I keep looking at mine and thinking how many are ready for a few hours outside, however in view of the fact we are experiencing hailstones again today, i still haven't even taken my shelving outside.
You are right Bamboo, we have to save a bit of money where we can these days, I even bought my compost from the supermarket this time around and my plants haven`t suffered at all.....

15 Apr, 2012


yes I call it the greenhouse hokey cokey.
moved lots inside as forecast -1/-2 tonight.

15 Apr, 2012


Sigh... been out with the sheets of plastic, moving the Clematis Niobe against the wall/window and arranging cover over it and the other clematis against the wall again. Because of that lovely March, all are smothered in fat buds - too early, but I don't want to lose them to the frost. It's already 2 degrees C here tonight...

15 Apr, 2012


At the moment we have hot sun during the day and then the temperature drops at night, the poor plants dont know whether they are coming or going, a little tired of rushing out with the fleece every five minutes, I do agree it is better to buy plants that have been hardened off, but then you pay more, still if you are prepared to cosset the cheap supermarket plants for a few months it could be a win win situation........

15 Apr, 2012


Thank you everyone for replying. The cold north winds dont help either. Yes DD think you are right, I should have kept the market stall Hydrangea in the greenhouse for a few months, instead of rushing out to make a 'blue'
plant arrangement in a large plastic pot down the garden. Oh creation ! It makes us forget the experience that losing plants instils in our souls.
In future must put sticky labels on the pots to remember the date purchased, and instructions re planting out.

Off down the allotment field this a.m. to dig another trench - I sow my seed potatoes in trenches with soot and shredded newspaper in the bottom - one row each day, as I have the wobbly knee problem - patellofemeral instability syndrome- supposed to rest my knees, some hopes !

16 Apr, 2012

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