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Wind Farms


Hywel mentioned this subject. Members may not know but all the high buildings in London have their own Generators in the basements.
If they took power from the National Grid it would break down.
As I understand it, the Govt. are paying for Wind Farms as an interim measure until Under Water Generators can be perfected which will give this country power from the movement of water under the sea, which is very powerful. As those of us who have swum in it will know!
Power Stations using coal dust or rubbish pollute the atmosphere, destroying the Ozone layer.
Power Stations using Atomic Energy cause disposal problems, nobody wants it.
It all costs money.
Everyone can help by reducing electricity usage.
When I was young we did our homework on the kitchen table. We read comics and library books. Our parents read library books. All with one light on. We all learned to spell. The ability to spell plant names came easily to me.

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I think the devastation caused by constructing these windfarms doesn't justify the minute amount of energy they'll produce. Other counties are getting rid of them.

25 Jun, 2012


There are two agricultural farms near us that have single windmills and I have been amazed by how often they are still even when there is some wind. Large windfarms certainly do damage the look of the countryside and they damage birds and bats,but people seem unwilling to cut down on their energy use so I guess something has to be done. We have recently had solar panels fitted - only a tiny contribution but if everyone with a suitable roof had them it would surely make a difference.

25 Jun, 2012


I don`t know enough about them to say whether they are good or bad, I haven`t read into how long they will last, as I said on Hywel`s blog I try and pretend they are rather large seagulls, I live on the edge of my town, there is no where for any to be erected in my viewed area, possibly if one was erected in my backyard then I dare say I would have a reason to get invoved in the fors and against.
I do however know that when I was a child and travelled up country there were very many ugly sites on route caused by the mines, it was unsightly, dark and looked like dead waste piled high, there were and still are old quarries dotted around our country, darn great holes in the ground, nothing growing in them, travel the same route now and in most of the same places we now have, beautiful areas made into country parks, places where many of us go to enjoy them, much has been done to create these places, the wildlife and planting has returned to most of these parts and that is in my lifetime alone, so the beauty and life wasn`t lost to those places.
I know the windfarms in some folks eyes are a blot on the landscape but not as bad as the power stations or dirty great slag heaps, we do have to look ahead, we do need the power, I`m afraid however much we don`t like it at the time, we do have to look ahead and see the bigger picture..

25 Jun, 2012


What about solar power?.

25 Jun, 2012

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