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How to pot on.


Plants can become pot bound, which restricts their root growth. They need deep pots, not the short ones used to sell them. To move them to larger pots first invert the original pot. Tap the base with a trowel, carefully remove the plant from the pot. If overgrown the roots will be matted around the wall of the pot. Put plant back into old pot.
Read off the pot size on the base – 10cm = 4 " which is the diameter of the top.
Decide what size pot you want to replant to. Usually a half inch bigger is recommended to conserve the root system.
Buy the correct compost for the species of plant e.g.
Cacti Compost, African Violet Compost, Fuchsia compost etc. It contains the correct amount of horticultural sand and grit for good drainage, and includes plant food for 4 to 6 weeks, which is ideal for this time of year, as plants dont need feeding in the winter.
Tip some into an old bowl, add some rainwater or filtered water, and stir well.
Spoon about 1" into the base of the new pot. Put the old pot with the plant still in it, into the new pot. Then add new compost around the sides of the pot, firming
it down with the tip of the trowel.
Then remove old pot, invert, tip out plant and place in the ready made hole in the new pot. Useful to wear a glove if repotting Cactii.
Discard all old small pots, unless you want to make a Flower Pot Man with them.

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Great. Added to GoYpedia :o)

18 Aug, 2012


This is good advice. I hate the little pots they're in when you buy them. I always throw them in the recycling bag :o)
And cacti are never in the best compost for them when you buy them. They haven't got enough drainage, and are invariably potted too deeply, so that the wet compost can rot the succulent stem. ... Always a good thing to repot them ASAP :o)
Thanks for this blog ...

18 Aug, 2012


Agree good advise thanks.

19 Aug, 2012


Thank you for the good advice,Diannebully:-)))))))

19 Aug, 2012


I'll be repotting this week I think.

19 Aug, 2012


Ooh, you do it so much more carefully than me, Diane, lol, I get stuck straight in with just my hands, no other implements, unless I need my scratchy claw thing to rake the rootball if its solid - or the breadknife if it needs splitting. And I also notice you used the correct terminology - potting on means into a bigger container - repotting means back into the same size container...

20 Aug, 2012

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