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Does anyone have Paul's email address ?


I was a Cllr 5 years. Received hate mail several times.
Its an awful shock. The sick characters who wrote to me actually put their names on the letters – 21 years on I still remember them.

Jealousy and spite are terrible sins.

Paul should have flagged that private message that upset him so much.

We all want him back, but how to let him know ?

We watched his garden grow, even if we didnt comment.
It was a wonderful effort which we all shared and enjoyed, even if I thought he put the plants too close together !

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I like cramming my plants closely aswell. There's less room for weeds lol :o)

Paul has returned under the name Ghost garden ...

20 Aug, 2012


I must split my Tansy plant this autumn to provide more weed coverage against a fence, its grown huge but eliminated the greenfly very effectively.

Good for Paul, he knows we cared about him.

Topsy is fed up with this hot weather ! I have 3 fans running in the flat day and night. I put her out on the balcony in an old large cat carrier at 6 a.m. with all doors and windows open to freshen the air indoors . Then she makes a fuss to come back in again ! Persian cats are indoor cats. Should cool down soon.

21 Aug, 2012


I hope Topsy will feel better when the weather cools down.

It's raining here :o)

21 Aug, 2012


She is better now. Her hour on lap watching Bargain Hunt and the News is like a fag to some people- gets very irritable if its too hot for me. If she can have another session watching Eggheads she gloats ! Her stomach has settled down again thank goodness.

22 Aug, 2012


Glad to hear that Diane ...

22 Aug, 2012

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