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I have now cleared up this muddle.


Scotkat send me the web address –

On this site I read- 30 Sept.2011. Feel free to join us at posted by Scotkat. (I assumed Scotkat was running this website.)

I logged on and loved all the Bonsai photos posted by Scotkat. Hadnt heard of Bonsai Fuchsias. Decided to have a go.

Sent an email asking a question to which was on this website.

Received email message in reply

Sorry Diane. Kath passed away. Kindest regards her husband Henk.

It must have been another Kath using this website, and posting her email address.
I feel better now.

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Thank you Diane,for explaining the situation..It is appreciated....sadly,mistakes happen,and we can all move on now..

15 Sep, 2012


Amen to that.

15 Sep, 2012


I should point out, that the note I received giving me the address was sent by 'Kath.'

Previously there were 2 'Kaths' using the site both interested in Bonsai growing. Both giving contact addresses. One of which had not been deleted when she passed away.

Took me 2 days of logical thinking to work it all out.

I apologise for any distress caused.

15 Sep, 2012


Pleased you have sorted it Diane, gorgeous day today, only nipped in to get a cuppa, making the most of the weather and gardenings on the menu, bulbs planted and borders tidied yet again...

15 Sep, 2012


Thank you Lincslass.

16 Sep, 2012

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