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The Nordic Walking Poles were a gift


when the torn ligament in my ankle caused me to collapse in the street 2 years ago. I learned to be more careful walking down stairs, and its much better now. Didnt think the Walking Poles were for me. Then watched the video on line recently, began to think maybe they help on country walks, and relieve the pressure on my injured ankle for which there is no cure.
Couldnt get any tuition locally. Watched the videos on line again, it began to sink into my brain how to do it. The lady with the bright red shirt is the best demonstrator. She showed me how to fix the poles to fit me, although I dont have her voice.
Yesterday drove up to a tarmac farm road to have a go.
Realised the trick is to ‘walk’ the poles and the legs follow suit whatever the length of stride. I tend to be a bit lazy about the left-hand one, must concentrate on both.
Coming back met several dog walkers, they all realised what I was doing, and enjoyed the show – well if you can make someone laugh its worth doing !
Am now more confident, and can venture along the local cycle path. It certainly brightened up my day to achieve something whilst the ground is so wet for gardening.

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Are they like walking poles from places like 'go outdoors'?

The beach we go to has a band of slippery rocks when the tide is out
( sometimes they are completly covered by sand depending on the way of the tides)

I feltunsafe walking across so bought to poles for balance and then use them on the hard sand, ( and anywhere else ) the salesman insisted I had two saying that using them saved a third of the strain on hips,knees etc.

6 Jan, 2013


Well done,Diane,and perseverance has paid off..anything that gives you added mobility,to get out and about is great...

6 Jan, 2013


I think they'd be better than a stick. They'd give more support I should think :o) I'm pleased you tried them and they worked for you. I hope you carry on using them.

6 Jan, 2013


You are right Hywel, and you see people of all ages using them, and not only in the countryside......they don't look 'old' you see

The onesc I have make you stand up straight, not bent over as you see people using a stick

6 Jan, 2013


Is this the same link you watched Diane?
I dont walk anywhere without my walking poles unless a short walk .

Mine are not the read deal Nordic Poles but good hillwalking poles.

And they do really help .

Good luck with the walking.

6 Jan, 2013


Good for you Diane, anything that helps you get out and about and feel confident at the same time has to be a very good idea, enjoy your walking....

6 Jan, 2013


I just wonder - if you have a pole in each hand what about anything else you might want to carry? (Camera, box for blackberries etc etc?) If you want to take a photo i guess you have to put the poles on the floor - be interested to hear how you all solve this one.

6 Jan, 2013


Thanks for all the interest. Sorry to hear Steve's news.
I have only been out twice, but returned without any strain on my knees, or back, and felt better. I have now learned to take normal length steps when starting out, and longer steps when I get going. Its good!
Realised we are gardening until 8 p.m. summer time, now its dark we sit for that 4 hours per day = 28 hours per week with no exercise. Hence the weight problem.
Find now that my gift from son is Trekking Poles. Have ordered the Carbon Pads to fit over the spikes on the ends for the time being for safety walking on the tarmac cycle path. There is a wide range of poles so still on a learning curve on that one.
Received a helpful address -
so have ordered the Carbon Pads for Straight Tips from him. Asked for his postal address to send the cheque as I dont do internet payments. (Am old fashioned ha ha.)
The straight tips would be ok on the sand, but not on the rocks PamG you would need the Carbon Pads for that type of surface, and swop over when you get to the rock surface.
Am getting a pair of stronger good quality trainers today.
Have a small rucksack to carry purse or camera.
Pair of knee length trousers so saved expense on that one. Think the quality shoes are an important investment for this type of exercise.

7 Jan, 2013


Well done Diane - these will give you great confidence and before you know it you will be an expert and on you tube yourself :)
I think decent footwear is a must too - so you are doing the right thing!
Enjoy your walking :)

7 Jan, 2013


Sorry to hear that Snoopy, you can buy ordinary walking poles from "go outdoors," mine are only cheap but have loops for your wrist, they are light aluminium and are easily shortened when not in use

I often use a small backpack anyway instead of a handbag when shopping, keeps your hands free and spreads the weight

7 Jan, 2013

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