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I suddenly thought -


since the Post Office is charging us more for stamps to offset their losses, the postal workers (used to be called postmen and wear the proper uniform) have stopped dropping rubber bands on the pavements – for us to pick up after them !
Wonder if they have to pay for rubber bands themselves now ?
Ha ha.

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There was a letter in our local paper last year,to say they now have to stop dropping them on the ground..shame,as I am running out of them by my house :o)

28 Jan, 2013


our posty pops them through my letterbox. :o)

28 Jan, 2013


They still drop them here.

28 Jan, 2013


Gone are the days when us posties used to be able to tie our bundles properly with string. Bet there's not many of us left!!!!
I don't work in delivery now Diane but you are probably not far from the truth.... Likely that they are rationed!
I still call myself a post woman even though my job title is OPG which is short for Operational Grade

28 Jan, 2013


When younger my son and friends use to collect the rubber bands to see who could make the largest rubber band ball.

Reference to my postmen/post women past and present. They always wear their uniforms, always polite and cheerful taking the time to say hello. Even during the last bout of bad snow we had our mail delivered and hardly a band to be seen. PS to Dianne, I agree about your plea for crushed egg shells. GOU has a sister site

28 Jan, 2013


Have to say I don`t remember ever seeing any bands dropped around near my doors, I do get an occasional one popped through the door if we get a number of letters, always save them as they are handy, our posties are always polite and cheerful..
Scottish your title sounds very official.......

29 Jan, 2013


Still find the odd one or two, we have lovely posties in the south, and they all wear shorts and look very smart (the men) that is. We have not had a woman Postie for years now.

29 Jan, 2013


We have a lovely young lady postie.coming for over a year now..early twenties,I think ..and quite a big girl,weight wise.,.she really used to struggle at times,and was very slow in walking..but what a difference in her now..a spring in her step,and much slimmer with all the exercise..always has a smile though,whatever the weather..she is a pleasure to see :o)

30 Jan, 2013


It's great exercise Bloomer. When I went back to work after having my son 23 years ago the weight dropped of. Delivering in the city meant I had 107 sets of tenement stairs to climb everyday. I wonder how many steps that actually was????? for 9 years. It would kill me now :)

30 Jan, 2013


I love our postman - always cheerful, and he even wore shorts in the snow (nice legs too!!!!).

5 Feb, 2013


One of the perks of the household, good legs on postie. lol. mine is a lady and she drops the post off at the gate in our post box. Poor husband would never get off to work if he saw a lady postie delivering in shorts. lol I can just imagine his comments I am waiting for the post to be delivered then I will go Yeah yeah yeah!!!! lol She always posts ours in box and wrapped up with rubber band so never found one on the ground.

9 Feb, 2013

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