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Some members have the problem of rabbits


which most of us dont want to hurt.
But they do breed every 30 days from March to September,
producing up to 10 kittens each time.

If you have them, its no good being sentimental.

Digging into their burrow with a posthole spade seems to be the best way, by disturbing them when very young.

I am told the Buzzards are taking them, and Myxamotosis has been reintroduced by farmers.

If anyone has other advice it would be welcome. We were lucky on our old allotment field, as we had a tenant with Ferrets. He saved our work and our crops.

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Myxamotosis is spread by a type of flea in the hole it was introduced many years ago to control the rabbit population (nasty disease) I have trouble with rabbits but do not like the idea of them suffering with Myxi, not a nice disease.

Ferreting is a good way of controlling the pesky critters, we have managed to keep them out all last year with wire fencing buried into the ground so hopefully we have a bunny free garden this year too.

9 Feb, 2013


Dried chilli flakes liberally sprinkled saved my heucheras from destruction
And my patio pots looking like a bomb site.....
They now seem to recognise the smell and keep away
Cheap to buy too from the ethnic aisle in the supermarket

9 Feb, 2013


Myxi never went away. Mostly it is a dormant disease but suddenly flares up again. I don't think that farmers are really introducing it again. Even then, it is not a solution to garden problems. I suspect that fencing is the best soltion for gardens but I am sure that a shotgun must be tempting!!!

9 Feb, 2013


We have a resident stoat family and things have been much better since they arrived...

9 Feb, 2013


Thats good news Pam. Nature has a way of adjusting itself, but its hard for gardeners having to fence everything. The Chilli flakes seem to be the best idea.
There is a Fox running through my allotment again, trying to get to the securely fenced chickens and ducks in the mini-farm area. Foxes help to keep the rabbits down.
I just wish it wouldnt leave its calling card - just to let me know its been - I have to remove with my spade !
I have known Biologists pick up excrement and break it up to see what the animal has been eating.
Sorry if this puts you off your breakfast !

10 Feb, 2013


No we get foxes here and often see......or smell......them
We used to have dogs and one was digginh in the flower bed, she knew not to but as she was a Setter was liable to' forget'. This day
sort of backed away from the hole and started woofing......she hsd unearthed a lambs head!........once I was weeding thankfully with gloves on an found something indescribably slimy and grey.....turned out to be a yorkshire pudding she had stolen and buried for later.....then forgotten it. :0)

10 Feb, 2013

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