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I made enquiries by email last week about a new


close coupled toilet (first time I had heard this
description) also another asking my son to order me a copy of The Field Guide to Insects, as his letter box is
larger than mine. Saves a trip to the Sorting Office.

Imagine my surprise this a.m. when I logged on to
Grows on You, to see a range of photographs of close coupled toilets right across the page, and the Field Guide to Insects in glorious technicolour on the right hand side.

Has anyone else had this experience ?

How does it happen ?

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Here is the reply from my IT consultant.
(quote) ' This is dear old Google again. They keep a record of which websites you visited and exchanged correspondence with and then use that as an advertising tool to give you more information and more choices of the things you are interested in. I dont think they look at your emails - they just look at the links you made.
There was a big to-do last year when they announced they were going to do this, and there were discussions on the news, and with Google having to reassure people that things like passwords were not being stored. So I think its probably alright. Just a bit annoying ! (end quote)

OK everybody send in enquiries to Harrods about the price of their mealworms or something else stupid, and see if that comes up on GoY !.

9 Feb, 2013


And me looking at carpets and then light fixtures. The exact sites I visited were offering the same carpers I clicked on. Welcome to the new era of advertisement :-(

9 Feb, 2013


yes it happens all the time. I found it a bit spooky at first but it's just annoying now. If google had stayed around longer to see that I purchased what I had been looking at they wouldn't have to go to the trouble of advertising further!

9 Feb, 2013


Yes Klahanie the sites displayed on GoY site were the sites I had been looking at. The IT consultant said they dont read emails, so how did they know I had asked my son to get me a copy from Amazon of The Field Guide to Insects ?

I am not pleased.

9 Feb, 2013


Yes Diane it happens all the time, when I ordered my grandchildrens presents the pages and gifts appeared at the sides within a few mins, i was looking at recipes one night and goy ads offered me better ones, lol..
I was reading a members holiday blog the other night and ads popped up for holiday bargains and destinations..

9 Feb, 2013


Its horrible. As if a strange person is looking over your shoulder.

10 Feb, 2013


We get those ads occasionally but .... if you look on the upper right of your screen there is an area showing icons; ie the 'house' for Google home page, a printer etc. and next to them are three words - Page, Safety and Tools. If you click on 'Safety' it brings up a box, click on 'In Private' then delete the original Google page so that 'InPrivate http://www etc etc etc' shows at the top of the page. This stops browsers being able to post ads onto your site and stops unwanted irrelevant (Viagra!) emails being delivered to your site.

10 Feb, 2013


When I kept having photos of those fat half naked sluts, I can assure you it was NOT because I had been looking at similar sites ....
I've been able to get rid of them now, and have ads about garden sheds, walking boots, and interflora :D

10 Feb, 2013


It's Blodyn Bilbobaggins :o)
It means flower ...
Yes we are all relieved !

10 Feb, 2013


its all about 'cookies' [not the edible kind.] Cookies enable the computer to show pop ups to you and aim to be useful to you[sometimes yes sometimes no] for all the stuff you have been looking for or ordering. Can be annoying if you have bought a surprise present for OH then he uses computer and sees ads for it!

13 Feb, 2013

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