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This Lumbar virus is awful


it starts in one side of the lumbar area, spreads across to the other side, then to the hip
bones on that side, then to the hip bones on the other
side. Its as if your bones in that area are
being attacked. The body is suddenly weakened.
I am fortunate I had a spare tube of Piroxicam gel
on prescription, and Anadin Joint & Inflammation
ibuprofen, plus the hot water bottle.
Would advise everyone to get stocked up with these
items if they get the symptoms. It lasts 4 or 5 weeks. Medical Centres here fully booked solid for 2 weeks,
we usually get an appointment for the next day.
Its very upsetting, I have had to use a walking stick
in the flat, as was unsteady on my feet .
Thanks to Kidsgran for information re mid-Glamorgan.

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Thank you Bilbo, I hope to get some help from a Dr on Wednesday. Drove down to the Co-op this a.m. the pain came back, where it first started. Had difficulty getting into my car.
So its another night in the chair !
KidsGran wrote there are lots of sick people where she
Fortunately I have plenty of good travel books to read again.
Just thought someone on Goy may know something
about it, what is causing it etc ?.

18 Mar, 2013


It sounds nasty Diane :o( I hope you'll be back to your normal health soon.

18 Mar, 2013


Hi Diane, hope you soon get better, I know how you feel, I have a bad back at the moment, {muscle spasm} but I can't take anti-inflamatory tablets or cream, as it interferes with my warfarin, another dr gave me some last year, and it took about 8 months to get my dosage right again, regards Derek.

18 Mar, 2013


Hope you're on the road to recovery now Diane. I haven't heard about this virus( or whatever) going around. Sounds horrible, so keeping my fingers crossed that it misses me.

20 Mar, 2013


News update. The Chief M.O. now says we have to stop using so many anti-biotics.
Finally saw Dr. yesterday. She says I have to wait for the virus to go through my system. Prescribed stronger painkillers and trebled the dosage.
So it would seem now if you dont have to go to work -
they dont prescribe the quick fix anti-biotics -they let the anti-bodies build up naturally in your system so that you dont get this particular virus again.
As most Goyers seem to be retired this is what we are
in for.
Seems its best now to use the medications you have in
the house for a couple of days. If they dont work
see your Dr. for the increased dosage, and get some good travel books in.
I feel better now as am free of pain.
My other defensive plan is (when my car has to go into the workshop which is how it happened ) to stop travelling on public transport - cheaper to have a taxi to keep away from people and avoid catching these horrible bugs in the first place.

21 Mar, 2013


I'm pleased to hear you're not in so much pain now Diane.

21 Mar, 2013


I think now its best to inform everyone (not that I normally moan about illness) - the bad news is that the days of quick cures with anti-biotics are over- Chief M.O.H.says.

Dr says I have to put up with it until the virus works its way out of my system. She gave me 100 Paracetomol capsules, and 42 Ibroprofen tablets. I know this advice is to activate the bodily immune system to resist any further attacks by this virus. She has treated the pain.

I know they always give the exact number to cure an illness so it will be 5 weeks plus 13 days = April 3rd before I am free again.

I will never go on a Shuttle Bus again. Seven years I caught the Lung infection on one. Six hours later I began coughing, and didnt stop for 3 months. Same theory no treatment to build the immune system. Had it again the following 2 winters, left me with a torn Sphincter Muscle in my Oesphaegal tube. This is between the tube and the stomach, so acid juices can ascend into the area where the tube has no lining to protect it. Have had Lansoprazole capsules ever since,
have reduced these now to 1 every 3 days, and stay on bland food all the time. Then this new wretched virus attacks me.
Glad of my book collection to read again and pass the time.

Just thought you all ought to know, although there is not much you can do if you get it. Seven weeks 'sentence.'

21 Mar, 2013


Doctors were dispensing anti-b's for decades, Diane, without realising this form of treatment was about as effective as a chocolate teapot, when dealing with viruses.
People recovered because their immune systems found the answer, by trial & error...not the anti-b's!
The virus keeps on mutating...& so does your natural defence system.
Basically, it's a race. If your immune system isn't up to scratch at the start it (meaning you) has a hard time, as it plays catch-up.
Unfortunately, a few of these viruses are lethal in the majority of cases.
Anti-b's combat another kind of infection altogether, which mutated into what we now call 'superbugs', because docs didn't use them appropriately!
Which goes to show that YOUR immunity system is tickety-boo!!! :-)

22 Mar, 2013


Total rubbish.

22 Mar, 2013


On the contrary, Diane.
Medical facts.
Ask your doc. Or google it.
The virus won't 'work it's way out of your system'.
Your antibodies will get the better of it & kill it off!

22 Mar, 2013

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