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re Lulu's blog about dead trees.


In some parts of Canada people can now adopt a mature tree. A brass Memorial Plaque is screwed high up onto the trunk, which is comforting for those who have suffered bereavement. It becomes their tree. I think its a lovely idea.
Obviously I have no information about the financial aspect of this Canadian scheme.
If hard up farmers in this country have trees they cannot afford to look after it would help if a similar scheme were in place here.
Maybe Goyers could ask the local NUT office to publicise ? Worth a try to see what the response is.
At least they would know people cared about the Environment and could offer a little spare cash to support.
I had a favourite tree, and was very cross when the lower branches were trimmed off which spoiled its shape.
Our local Council Arboricultural Development Officer has a Scheme in place where people can pay for a new tree to be planted in memory of someone.
I have saved some money working on vegetarian recipes all winter, which is much cheaper than buying meat, have offered a Liquidamber tree. (Hywel’s photo provided the idea !) Cost of tree is £50 – £100, planting etc is £150, the plaque is extra and not guaranteed by the Council to stay in place. There is always hope.

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Hi Diane, what size of tree are they planting for that price?, if it's a fully mature tree, and they have to hire a machine to plant it, then that figure is not too bad, but if it's only a whip, then they are vastly overcharging, are these people supplying the tree as well?, Derek.

31 Mar, 2013


No Derek, the Tree Office obtain the trees, between November and March, and do the planting with their mechanical aids. I will water it every 2 weeks for the first 2 years. The idea is that the public can contribute a tree, saving the Council money to spend on running the Environmental Care Services (like removing dead trees.)

I have just checked that our limestone soil will be alright for it, but not the size of the tree.

The ones I have seen already planted in the Council car park gardens are about 10 feet high, quite sturdy, so must be mature.

31 Mar, 2013


Hi Diane, maybe i'm living too much in the past, but it seems to me to be a lot of money just to plant a tree! especially when they will probably be ordering in bulk, and they already have all the equipment and manpower, but like most councils, they overcharge for everything, nothing ever gets done at a price you would expect, if it's being done by a council, or any other official body, then expect the ridiculous, Derek.

31 Mar, 2013


My experience is that Councils cost projects up in detail, which includes carriage, VAT, qualified employee rates of pay, time allocated to do the job - probably things most of us dont even think about !

1 Apr, 2013

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