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Laughing at Monty last night


planting unchitted seed potatoes one foot apart and
one foot deep. He will need another load of top soil
paid for by the BBC to cover them deep enough, or
they will need Runner Bean sticks to grow up ! Ha ha.

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I can't watch the programme, I flicked over last night and Carole was gushing about celandine, ok they are lovely but I just couldn't take it. :0(

20 Apr, 2013


Some of the programme is good, but wish they'd realise we all haven't got a greenhouse the size of an average normal house - nice they do planting ideas but I want to do it my own way and even I don't overcrowd it that much. Never grow Fruit or Veg - will give it a go soon though

20 Apr, 2013


Celandines are a weed, very difficult to get rid of. When 'Gushy' started raving about them I went and made a cup
of tea. She was still carrying on when I went back. Must think we are all daft.
The instructions for planting potatoes must have made
every allotment gardener in the country laugh their heads off. If Paul needs to know, seed Potatoes should be chitted in a cool place from early Feb onwards, and have little shoots on when carefully planted not stuck in on their ends as Monty did. The rows should be trenches dug out as deep as possible (one foot minimum) and lined with soot to protect from slugs, not compost as Monty said, and never fresh manure. Even then its
the deuce of a job to keep the soil over the vigorous plant growth until the frosts have finished. Up they come, and if not kept covered you will get green potatoes, which are poisonous.

20 Apr, 2013


It's the death of gardening tv when Monty arrived,
He for a start is not a fully trained gardener 'ex jewler gone bust" and thanks to allan titch was recommended for the roll after allan had finsished & went on to do other things.

Ive seen "monty" gardening with a cut out 'yellowing box hedge in the background due to it being cut at the wrong time and the sun's killed it,
ive seen him telling viewers to do thing s that are wrong,

And when you think it takes 7 years to become fully trained and the wages are not high when your training i would have thought Mr Allan titchmarch would have given a lot more thought as to who and why such a golden oppertunity should be offered to.

Gardeners world was once the program i'd never miss,it was the one to watch but then the good gardeners left or died and like good gardening books "the old books had to be written by people who knew their subject or they didn't get through the door,
now anyone can write a load of rubbish hence the garden programs are all about budget (who can we get thats cheap) and very much less about who knows what they are talking about or indeed anyone to edit such programs,

Regards and good gardening to you all. (Any one want to buy a watch)

20 Apr, 2013


Monty did mention he cant see very well.
Why doesnt he wear glasses ?

20 Apr, 2013


I can't stand Monty, bring back the old show!

20 Apr, 2013


I'm sure you may already be aware but just in case not - the Scottish gardening show Beechgrove Garden is now shown in England. It's on BBC2 on a Thursday evening. Give it a try!

20 Apr, 2013


The old fella was a chancer.
He didn't know anything about trees, tools, or much else besides, when he first appeared on the program, Scottish.
I hope he's picked up his game since. Lol.

1 May, 2013


It's not the greatest show Mouldy but I find a bit more detailed in some of their advice compared to Monty!
I don't rate it much either but what do I know, very little for that matter but thought maybe others might like to give it a try!

2 May, 2013


Haven't watched the goggle-box for quite a few years, so am assuming the auld yin got better.
The rest of them seemed to know their onions, however. Lol.
Poor Monty...even in the pubs here he's getting slagged off.
I've never seen him myself. Is he as bad as folk say?

2 May, 2013


I like the Beechgrove Garden, I can understand the advice they give and they don't shy off from showing their failures. No beyond the realms of my pocket sculptures or fantasy gardens. It probably holds more appeal for us North East Scots as its oor ain folk on it.

17 May, 2013

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