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I turned the sound down on the Gushy and Co.


commentary at Chelsea Flower Show. Got a better
impression of the actual gardens.
Seems its all grass, wood, concrete, water, trees and Box hedging, with a few small flowers shoved in. Maybe they didnt have any in their poly tunnels ?
Who would want a garden like this – what are they trying to sell us ? Our Goy garden photographs are better than anything I saw today on T/V. One can only hope the coverage gets better.
The quick flash photography of the elephants was very
disappointing – more time could have been given to this
item, and less to Gushy and Co dominating the screens with all their talk.
End of rant.
What do other members think ?

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I usually watch it in the evenings so will watch tonight and see......

20 May, 2013


Me to.

20 May, 2013


I agree, not the kind of garden I would want, but I suppose they have to up with new ideas every year,you can gets some good ideas from some of the gardens especially the small ones, I have been to Chelsea twice and it was quite an experience, saw James Mays plasticine garden, great fun, the sell of at end was amazing seeing everyone trying to get their plants on to coachs and in their cars, I like to see the new plants they bring out each year, looking forward to tonight program.

20 May, 2013


My thoughts exactly, not the sort of garden I would want, I like some of the water features but where are the flowers.

20 May, 2013


Not the kind of garden I would want either. Will probably not watch it, I'd rather look at GoY members photos and blogs, more fun:)

20 May, 2013


Hi Diane, if I had the amount of money to spend on my garden that they have, my garden would look nice all year round, not for just 1 week, why don't they make gardens that at least resemble the garden shape and size, that most people have, instead of everything perfectly flat and level, no slopes anywhere, no garden sheds, or greenhouses etc, just unattainable perfection, {but only for 1 week}, Derek.

20 May, 2013


I agree with Louisa, Goy gardeners are the best !

20 May, 2013


Well I enjoyed watching it but particular commentators dress to impress rather than complement their surroundings.
I loved the Hebridian croft garden

21 May, 2013


I enjoyed Sunday's pre-opening programme and yesterday's coverage. It was interesting to see how the show has changed since it started 100 years ago and to be reminded of the fashions in gardening that have come and gone in the interim. It seems a more romantic back too nature trend is in vogue at the moment which I consider attractive. I find some of the messages/themes portrayed in the gardens rather obscure and am not sure I like the influence of sponsors, but funding from the gardens has to come from somewhere.
Gnomes are quirky and I am glad they have been allowed in, but wish they could stay .... why should they be banned when we have to put up wth so many other tacky things.
A glaring 'missing' element is Daimuid Gavin; he has designed a Willy Wonka-style chocolate-themed garden that uses 18 shipping containers, which it seems is too big for Chelsea but is to be a feature of Hampton Court in July. Unlucky Hampton Court, size isn't everything!

21 May, 2013


He always has to be ott doesn't he Xela!

Have you seen the Ikea ad?
Cruelty to gnomes!

I,m not really a fan of them but there are limits!

21 May, 2013


Am pleased to hear news of Daimuid Gavin. I did like the Australian Garden (so did H. M. The Queen)
I like Goyers gardens because they deal with all weather conditions, soil conditions, limited space, and still produce lovely gardens which are a joy to see on this wonderful website and save in Favourites. They are to be commended - I would award all of them a 'Best in Show'
citation - long may they continue with this wonderful hobby.

22 May, 2013

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