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New gardeners beware of buying


young Brassica plants in Garden Centres that have been grown in polytunnels and not hardened off.
They are too weak to plant out in this cold weather.
When they are ready for the great outdoors the stems
are grey, and the plants are strong.
Apart from being very expensive !
You may do better by searching for amateur plant sales
in your area.

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Hi Diane, a lot of garden centres sell plants that they know will be planted out too early, so that you can go back and buy some more, boosting their sales, it doesn't bother them in the least, Derek.

26 May, 2013


Thanks boys. I had ordered my plants from a volunteer at a Community Support place. Gave him the seed. Would have paid him for the plants. Didnt realise he cant read or write ! He lost them. Sowed seed he already had, grew the plants and hardened them off, so I got most from him.
Just went to GC for others. They have still fallen over,
have them in the greenhouse hoping they will revive.
Long term illness brings lots of problems, which I interpret as a challenge. Have had to give my allotment up after 32 years. Hate buying from supermarkets.
There is no treatment for Virus infections that get into back muscles. Just have to wait for the Immune System to strengthen, can work for 2 hours a.m. and 2 hours p.m.

27 May, 2013

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