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I thought of a simple and effective way


today to keep Black Fly off Runner Bean flowers,
and birds knocking the flowers off to get at the Black
Fly to feed on.
Bought a small Lemon Balm plant from the GC Herbs
display for £1.29. Planted it in the middle of the row
of young Bean plants still in its pot.
So it will grow up with the Beans and give off its
scent to deter them settling on the flowers.
Result – beans 3 weeks early.

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Companion planting.....great stuff! The scent of Marigolds does the same thing to keep the greenfly off my tomato plants!

4 Jun, 2013


We have a lemon scented mint-like plant which I always assumed was lemon balm, beautifully scented and the seeds are adored by the goldfinches in the winter. spreads like wildfire into every nook and cranny and the roots are really tough to get out when established. I find it growing everywhere and ruthlessly pull it out except for the one bed it's supposed to be in - for the birds.
A really interesting plant for it's medicinal properties according to Wikipedia, mosquito repellant for us as well, I shall look on it more kindly!

4 Jun, 2013


I have loads of that Diane, I had not thought about it being disliked by blackfly, I'll make sure I treat it more kindly in the future....

4 Jun, 2013

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