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What I have learned over the last 20 weeks.
There are several Viral infections going about.
Some invade muscles and some bones.
I now know mine invaded both.
Paracetomol capsules are a moderate pain killer.
Co-codomol is stronger but causes chronic constipation
in some people. Purgative medicines can be taken, its
just a matter of patient choice.
Ibuprofen and Piroxicam gel are anti-inflamatory drugs
and cancel each other out if used together.
I was given both these drugs which was a waste of time
taking them, for 18 weeks.
The Piroxicam does not stop the muscles tightening up round an infected bone.
Therefore, if you easily pick up infections, its best to keep away from people.
Keep plenty of food in the house.
Save some money because Osteopaths can treat this
trouble more successfully than GPs and Nurse Practitioners. I have now had X-ray and Blood Tests.
I am lucky we have a Dr. of Osteopathy at Oundle 15 miles from here. He is treating me now.
He said the muscles round the base of my spine have tightened up to protect the infected bone so the Piroxicam did not prevent this.
He worked hard and freed up all these muscles, so that
new blood went into them.
Will continue treating me. £40 for half an hour is worth
every penny.
Remember this if it happens to you. We live and learn.

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Thanks for the warning Diane, sounds as if you have had an awful time recently. Viruses are the very devil to treat. :0(

I tend to use a physio who often uses acupuncture for muscle pain, rather than an osteopath but whatever suits you to make the pain bearable is priceless x

29 Jun, 2013


Thanks for the warning. Hope you are well on the way to full recovery now. How frustrating to be taking tablets that weren't helping at all.

29 Jun, 2013


I have had one of these viral infections too, think I was exposed to it in the doctor's waiting room when I had a blood test at the beginning of May. I felt as if I had flu for about a fortnight, tried the usual flu treatments and thought it was improving. However, the cough and aching joints persisted, have stopped coughing this week but the pain is ebbing more slowly, especially in the lower back. I am reluctant to take pain-killers, pain is a natural indication that all is not well so we should listen, not mask it. My doctor diagnosed post viral syndrome; she advised it will go but in its own time, and stressing about it is counter productive. So for now gardening is 'essential' jobs only. :-(
It seems the flu bugs are loving the current weather patterns, the usual 6-8 week winter flu season extended to the end of Spring.

30 Jun, 2013

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