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I object to persons unknown censoring blogs


and removing them for their own emotional reasons without an explanation to the member submitting.

I object to comments being removed, about the unfairness of land use when developers are planning new estates, not giving gardeners enough ground to continue their hobby if they wish to; particularly when they are growing older and need an activity every day of their lives.

I object to agricultural land which is of low value being used to build new estates for profit, when there are plenty of lower cost houses for sale in towns ideal for modernisation, allowing people to live near to the shops, reduce their vehicle costs, and exhaust fumes.

Four square yards of land with houses jam packed in for profit, are not enough for gardeners to enjoy our hobby.

So, for these reasons. I am out.

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I think Snoopdog is correct. I know members can log in and if they object to a blog they can flag it, by clicking on the Flag this blog box, to the website admin to deal with. The website rules say on no account start pming members with whom you disagree. If you have had a blog removed it must have been done at the admin stage and you will be able to get an explanation from them -"the boys" AJ and cr the name of other one. I hope your last sentence does not mean you are leaving the site. When I look round my garden and see all the friends I have in GOY, most of whom I will never meet, but who send cuttings or plants or offer sound advice when asked, I know there are more kindred spirits out there, on this website, than there are the kind of people you would cross the road to avoid. I hope you will find out what happened.

31 Aug, 2013


I'm sure only admin can remove/alter comments, maybe somebody disagreed with you and flagged your blog/comment? I didn't see the item that has been removed so I can only guess.

Hope you are not leaving us?

31 Aug, 2013


Can't comment on the admin issue as I don't know how it works.But, I will comment on the other issue! I thoroughly agree regarding building on farmland etc! It may sound ok to take a little here and a little there but where would it end.
We are currently on the lookout for areas to move to as where we live is currently a construction site as the biggest deep water container port in Europe( I believe ) is being built(DP World, London gateway) and a huge business park to go with it!I and others around here have been fighting the proposed building of houses on farmland behind us and years ago I received a letter from our the MP Angela Smith, saying we'd been successful and how it's worth objecting to such things.However, a couple miles fom us, a proposal has been bulldozed through, despite objections from residents and, indeed, the local council to build hundreds of homes on a golf course!
We have been looking and have been amazed at new developments built on green belt land in areas around Essex. Also, as you say, Diane, these new builds have gardens the size of pocket handkerchiefs! So, although Julie fancies a new build home..........I won't be agreeing.
In fact, this afternoon we are going to look at a home which has been rebuilt in a residential area so, possibly, the best of both worlds although I suspect the garden isn't big enough for me!!
Sorry for the essay, but I have strong feelings and agree with the blog!

31 Aug, 2013


I hope nobody has offended you Diane
... but it isn't possible for one member to delete another member's blogs and comments. In fact it isn't possible to delete even your own comments.
The people in charge may have removed a comment if they find it offensive.

I agree about modern houses though. I would never buy one.

I hope you're not leaving GoY. I can't understand why you'd leave because of the way they build modern houses.

31 Aug, 2013


Hi Dianne, I agree whole heartedly with your comments about the size of the gardens of new build houses, I would hate to have a garden that was only just big enough for a couple of deck chairs, in fact I would hate to have a new build house ull stop, the way they're just thrown up these days, and there is no character to them at all, give me an older house with a bit of character every time, and they were built properly then, and will still be there years after the new ones have disappeared.
I also would not like to see you leave g o y, Derek.

31 Aug, 2013


yes, only the moderator can alter blogs, comments etc. so maybe this was done by mistake, who knows? Not worth fussing over, so just ignore it.Sounds as if you have gone already though.Our village is just this year getting over 300 houses built [in 3 sites] it's all about the relaxing of planning laws because the housing stock isn't big enough to cope with the population.Some new houses are rather nice though [plenty are not!]Never had a brand new house, and yes, the gardens are small but not everyone likes doing gardening, some want a deck area only and a few things in pots because they have busy lives.

5 Sep, 2013

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