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I resolve in future to be more scientific about plants.


I live on the limestone belt that runs from Hull to the
Dorset coast.
Millions of plants are brought into this country every year
grown in lime free soil.
They are attractively displayed in garden centres with
nice labels bearing no information at all about the kind
of soil they have been grown in.
Or where they have come from.
People buy them and plant out in heathland areas of this country with lime free soil.
Good for them.
Those of us who are not so lucky need to check these
plants before buying them.
So a second hand copy of The RHS plants encyclopaedia
from a charity shop for £4 is a good investment.
Or always plant into Ericaceous compost and water with
Thats me for the future ! I was looking for another Gentian today. The woman at the GC said she knew they had
to be planted in lime free soil. So why cant they tell us ?

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Interesting blog Diane, you got a bargain with that book, you'll be yearning for lots of plants if you spend time reading through it, lol....

9 Sep, 2014


Thats whats wrong Lincslass. We get attracted by
pictures or plant names. We dont really do our homework
before we go searching for them.
I didnt know why my Gentians died. Then found out they
are lime hating plants. Now looking for replacements.
The actual lists on Ericaceous plant foods dont include all
these other plants on sale at garden centres.
I really think the staff at garden centres should be more
helpful to all gardeners. It wouldnt hurt them to have
lists of soil conditions above certain plants.
They have done this at Podington Garden Centre,
Wymington so it can be done. Dont expect supermarkets to do it.
It should be mandatory at all garden centres.

10 Sep, 2014


Hi Diane, I'm 1 of the lucky ones, I have acid soil, I just have to remember which plants don't like acid soil, but you're right, there are more plants that like acid, or at least will grow in acid, than the other way round, Derek.

10 Sep, 2014


This is a one woman campaign to get more information
onto plant labels. We pay enough for these plants.
Why should we lose them ?

12 Sep, 2014


Hi Diane, I totally agree, I think the garden centres etc, deliberately leave off a lot of information, because if everyone knew what would grow where, people wouldn't buy plants that wouldn't grow for them, or keep going back to buy more, thinking it was their fault the plants hadn't grown, Derek.

13 Sep, 2014


I too have tried Gentians and lost them not knowing it was the soil Diane, lots of other plants over the years as well, I do admit I am more aware now of the conditions my plants need whereas I used to shop at random never checking what conditions the plant needed to thrive, especially if I liked the look of something.....

13 Sep, 2014

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