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After giving the right instructions -


I forgot to log out at the drop down menu.
Will now do it !

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Hi Diane, sometimes I log out, sometimes I don't, if you don't you can update your news by just clicking on your name at the top of the page, Derek.

26 Sep, 2014


I have never logged out in four years. Didn't even realise it was an option!

26 Sep, 2014


I don't log out but occasionally my device does it for me.
Steragram, it's the last option in the drop down menu.

26 Sep, 2014


Sorry, this all related to Balcony's blog 'Giving up'.
If you log out via the bottom item on the drop down
menu, next time you log in, it comes up with all the
comments members have made on that blog. Saves
searching for them.
Which I enjoy very much.

27 Sep, 2014


Don't you get an email telling you when you have comments Diane?

27 Sep, 2014


No Stera, it comes up when I log in. I know people have
different systems. Balcony seemed to be all confused.
Thats why I sent the instructions I was given, which works
well for me.

27 Sep, 2014

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