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Garden Centres need support all the year round.


Its no good thinking their summer profits cover the
winter months, which are twice as long as the summer
months. When we need them.
They have their staff costs and overheads to pay all year
The Christmas trade profits do not cover the 3 months
to Easter.
This is an appeal to all Goy members to buy an item
for the store cupboard when they go to the GC for a meal.
A packet of fertiliser, bottle of houseplant food, a packet
of stationary, there is always something we can use.
I never walk past the check-out with nothing – as many do.

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Thats so true Diane, I don't remember ever visiting a garden centre or nursery and coming away empty handed, no matter what time of the year it is, lol....

13 Oct, 2014


No GCs round here that serve meals! Only our small local nursery, which I only go to when I want something.
Having come from somewhere having easy access to Bridgemere it's taken some getting used to!

13 Oct, 2014


I am so lucky. I go to 'Seasons' at Burton Latimer most weeks. Have a small English
breakfast, which is quite enough for me. Sausage,
bacon, egg, mushrooms, tomatoes and beans. Complete with toast, butter, and pot of tea. (£4.80). Smiling chef and staff.
This garden centre has everything I could wish
for. Its unbelievable, the pets department provides for all pets, fish, parrots who immitate telephones ringing,(I never know if its the parrots or the telephone) special food for dogs and cats. Dont have to go into the town centre and pay for a place to park, they have screws, nails, wallpaper, books, cards, stationary, loads of ideas for Christmas,
plants, seeds, trees, everything. All at affordable prices.
Plus a large free car park.
Needless to say it is very popular.

14 Oct, 2014


I've heard about it from a friend in Madeley Snoop. Mr Ravenscroft would have a fit if he saw what his lovely nursery had come to!

14 Oct, 2014


I agree with you Diane,
although I always find it difficult not to buy something in a garden centre :)

14 Oct, 2014


He would probably have a fit if he saw the pocket handkerchief gardens modern houses are getting from
the builders.

15 Oct, 2014

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