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Country trades 18th - 19th c. please copy if interested.


I copied these at a display of lithographs by Stanley Anderson in the coffee shop at the Lost Gardens of
Heligan, Cornwall. So many people were depicted on Certificates
and Census Records as ‘Ag.Labs’ which I thought was a
shame. My project for this winter is to do water colours illustrating some of them. Its so sad that many of them are lost. I am also taking a framed list of them to our local museum, to be placed in their collection of agricultural implements. If anyone knows of any more to add to the list please send to me p.m. Thank you.

Rick Thatcher. Walking Stick Maker. Ropemaker.
Shepherd. Milkmaid. Joiner. Baker. Thatcher.
Wheelwright. Ploughman. Sheep Shearer.
Knife Sharpener. Stone Mason. Gamekeeper.
Rake Maker. Cooper. Vintner. Dairymaid.
Wagon Builder. Dry Stone Wall Builder. Gardener.
Blacksmith. Horsekeeper. Cowman. Carpenter.
Brewer. Flint Knapper.

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Not an Ag.Lab but in some of the urban history research that I did I came across a 'Glazer and coffin maker' in the 1891 census. I would love to have been able to find out what proportion of his working life was spent on each, quite distinct, trade. His house was built in the 1880s and he had moved on by 1901.

25 Oct, 2014


I knew a joiner who used to say ' Been doing some work for Dick Phillips this week' - Dick was the local undertaker.

Thanks Urbanite. Will add these to my list.

25 Oct, 2014


lots on here Diane :o)

Makes interesting reading !

25 Oct, 2014


What about cobbler? Not an ag lab, but very necessary to them. Also following up coffin maker, the gravedigger or sexton was pretty necessary too!

25 Oct, 2014


A cobbler would have been a trade. This area had lots of them, men who formerly worked in the shoe industry.

Grave Digger was always a part time job.

I must check up on this Besom Maker trade.

26 Oct, 2014


Diane ... did you see my comment ?

26 Oct, 2014


My grandfather comes from a long line of tenant farmers. I remember he used to tell us that he also doubled up as the dentist to those agricultural labourers that were hired at harvest time. Ouch!!

26 Oct, 2014


Yes Terra but my list was taken from a display of
lithographs by Stanley Anderson at The Lost Gardens of
Heligan. I loved those pictures.

27 Oct, 2014


Oh, okay ... interesting to see the names of the old occupations.

27 Oct, 2014


Looking at Stanley Anderson etchings on Wikipaedia there is a very sad one of a 'Stone Breaker' which must have been a trade.
This poor man must have suffered from something that prevented him having a proper job.
It just illustrates how lucky we are today.
In those days, if you didnt work, you didnt eat.

27 Oct, 2014


Stone breaking was also the work sometimes given to prisoners as a punishment. They showed that on the 'Time Team' TV programme.

27 Oct, 2014


Yes I know Terra.

I have now printed up the list and inserted into a stand up frame, to
take to our local museum. They have a large display of farm implements with nothing to interest people about
how they were used.

30 Oct, 2014


Good idea to frame the list.

30 Oct, 2014


For information Stanley Anderson made over 30 line engravings of "Country Crafts". The first being The Farm Hand in 1933 and the last was "The Cloths Peg Maker" completed in 1953. The engravings include; The Hedger, Sheep Dipping, Brook Farming, The Hurdle Makers, Willow Lopping, Clamping Spuds, Chiltern Wood Turner, Tree Fellers, Hedge Laying, The Smith, The Rake Maker etc. The engravings of The Saddler, The Wheelwright, The Violin Maker, The Basket Maker, The Cooper, Making The Gate and others show the craftsman at work in his workshop surrounded by the tools of their trade.

Some of these line engravings can bee seen on the web site;

30 Oct, 2014


Its surprising he included violin maker as a country craft isn't it?

30 Oct, 2014

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