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I have just had the shock of discovering I am an Old Git.
This has come about through the large print edition of
‘One Man and His Dig’ from the library.
For the uninitiated, author Valentine Low depicts all allotment gardeners lacking in initiative, stuck in rotational same varieties (because they are successful) usually wearing flat caps (thats me) sitting around drinking cups of coffee from a flask (mine is weak tea) – as ‘Old Gits.’

I brought his excellent book home with a self satisfied smirk – ( dont expect he will tell me anything I dont already know) – and still in hibernation descended into my riser chair with my feet up, to see out the rest of the winter in warmth and comfort.

As I gradually ploughed on ( metaphorically speaking)on Page 278 the good Valentine introduced me to Edwin Tucker & Son of Devon, complete strangers to my sphere of gardening know-how. See website to join the throng.
Valentine writes that he is a Tucker Man. As I have paid the gas bill I am thinking I may be improved by becoming a Tucker Woman. (Which would be better than being an Old Git.)

I have ordered their Seed Catalogue, given some of the unusual varieties of vegetable seed they sell a look over,
and am quite excited about ‘Santoro’ Onion Sets which are pink, kept in hibernation until March by the good Tucker family, which prevents them bolting. My first steps on this new pathway are both educational and exciting. (Will still plant the ‘Turbo’ sets I have bought
as they keep until May – tried and trusted.)

Enjoy !

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Hi Diane, as you say, 'tried and trusted' rather that than something which might fail on your allotment, and waste a full growing season, an old saying, 'better the devil you know', Derek.

7 Mar, 2015


Thanks Derek. I just did this for a laugh.

Anyway I have learned my lesson.

Have now spent more time perusing the T&M catalogue.
Ordered up
White Beetroot Albina Verduna.
Carrot Sugarsnax 54 F1 hybrid.
Spring Onion Purplette.
Radish Raldicchio Ross di Revisor Precoce.

Must remember to get another pack of labels.

7 Mar, 2015


Hi Diane, getting adventurous,!!!, Derek.

7 Mar, 2015


I don't think ladies qualify as Old Gits do they?

7 Mar, 2015


Ha ha. The point is I am just lacking in allotment initiative about new seeds. Looking forward to getting my small order from T&Ms. Will give them plenty of TLC, probably sow by the Moon phase, into damp compost in planters
away from night time slug attacks, which finish a lot of seedlings off.

8 Mar, 2015


I don't know the female equivalent of 'old git!
I suppose years ago most gardeners were male....

google seems to think its Harridan......

I bought pink onions from a supermarket, very nice and sweet, roasted well too

hope your choices do well Diane

8 Mar, 2015


Thanks Pam this shock to my system has brought me pleasure. The prospect of being a Tucker man is very heartening. New game !

8 Mar, 2015


Correction - that should be 'Tucker Woman.'
Amazing how many sweet vegetables there are .
I always steam mine, much better flavour.

8 Mar, 2015


Cant wait to get my hands on those Pink Onions. Does
anyone know how long they keep ? 'Turbo' keep until the overwinter ones are ready in May.

8 Mar, 2015

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