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I had a look at Polytunnel/compost Land last night.


They call it the best garden show – those people couldnt garden with our weather conditions, in our varied soils,
carting in ready-grown trees and shrubs in aeroplanes,
on our incomes, if they tried.

We are as good and better than them, we shouldnt forget it.

The chap who grew all the varieties of potatoes must have planted thousands to get every group absolutely perfect.
All in polytunnels, in the exact compost for the plants.

The competitors who had a go at the BBC competition all
had £1500 each to buy ready grown plants to stage a three metre plot, for each day they competed. Imagine what you could do with that !

Its all about money.

Give me ‘Beechgrove’ for the rest of the year. Chris
Beardsmore has his hand in the till, and cheats with his
compost and ready grown plants, but Jim and Carol are more like us – they use seeds !

Long may they last.

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I agree with you Diane. We watched the BBC competition and thought it great, but as you say we could all do well with the amount of money they have to spend - OK you have to have the ideas!
I have slotted in watching Chelsea from recordings when I get the time and though they are all spectacular, again the full grown trees, unlimited plants and hard landscaping makes it unreal somehow. I thought the majority of gardens very lacking in colour, they all seem to be based on a few toned colours, is this the trend for this year? The water features are always stunning, but try keeping them clean in real life, they would fill with twigs, bathing pigeons, droppings (!) and algae - well they would here!
They shouldn't be teaching people to 'instant' garden, it's getting like the 'want it now' generation - no patience.

21 May, 2015


Its the presenters that annoy me, emphasised words, droning speech, gushing presenting, stupid questions to the exhibitors and joe swift even unable to get it right from the telepropmpt in front of disgusted i had to turn it sad as I usually enjoy it, often nice 'celebreties' talking about a favorite plant or garden.....

21 May, 2015


Thats very true about the 'want it now' generation
Gardeners learn to be patient and understand plants,
they are part of our lives.
I found an Alpine Sempervivum last week at the GC -
its like having a baby again !

21 May, 2015


Hi Diane, I totally agree with you, I could have a beautiful garden too, if I spent £1500 a year on buying plants, my garden is 140ft x 40ft, and I'm sure I could make it look good with that sort of money, let alone a 10ft square.
I haven't watched any tv gardening programmes for years, I found the presenters to be very condescending to viewers, and told you very little, they would rather film other peoples gardens than tell people what they would like to know, and I've never watched chelsea, where they all come together to give each other a pat on the back, and tell each other how absolutely marvellous they are, so it's all a bit of a turn off for me, Derek.

21 May, 2015


Its not really gardening is it? Importing plants just for the show is a bit meaningless really. It would perhaps be just as helpful to us ordinary folk to show what can be done on ordinary budgets.

21 May, 2015


Thank you Honeysuckle, Pam, Derek and Stera,
I think some words have been said to Jim and Carol at
Beechgrove, on this subject, - usually BBC2 about 8 a.m Sundays. Give it a try.
They installed an 8 ft x 6 ft unheated glass greenhouse each a month ago, are going to include their usage in this Sunday's South of England programme. Carol flowers, Jim vegetables.
Needing small quantities for a variety of vegetables, seeds germinate in a couple of days in the warmer soil. I tend to be too generous with them. Have a lot of thinning out to do. I save most of my grey water from the bathroom, so water is not a problem. Carrying containers downstairs good for back trouble, -I live in an upstairs flat.

I am growing Radishes, Baby Lettuce, Parsley, Swiss Chard, Radichio, Tomatoes, Potatoes in a bucket, and a few yellow Beetroot, in mine.
Didnt like the flavour of Mizumo, so dont try that on the
wife Derek, mine went into the compost bin for the Brandling Worms to spit out.

22 May, 2015

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