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Lovely to gather a carrot crop from one of my


balcony planters, and have them with the compost on !
I cut the tops off about 2" high for the Brandling Worms in my compost bin, and put the carrots into my fridge vegetable shelf unwashed. Thats where the flavour is.

Better than supermarket washed ones, grown in chemicals.

If they are labelled ‘Organic’ it just means they have not
been sprayed for 3 days prior to harvest.

I sprinkled some fertiliser on the planter compost, gave it a good stir, and carefully planted Golden Beetroot seed 2" apart hoping for another crop in November. The soil is still warm enough to germinate all kinds of seed, if kept damp.
Have a look in your seed box, there may be some there
you can use.

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Hope they were tasty Diane...

26 Aug, 2015


I can remember as a child pulling up Carrots from my dad's garden, wiping the soil off with my hand, and loving the flavour.

26 Aug, 2015


Yes and the lovely fresh peas straight from the pod as we were picking them, I can also remember the clip around the ear we got because they were meant for dinner, lol...

26 Aug, 2015


It distresses me to hear of children being hit because they did something wrong that they hadnt been told about.
Reading Tiger Woods biography it was the same, his mother believed in hitting children in this way when they were vulnerable. I admire modern mothers who are so much better. See a lot of them as the local children all come to school by my flat.
They are all happy.

27 Aug, 2015


Different times Diane, those were the days when the children could get a rap on the knuckles at school or even the cane if considered really naughty, have to say that we never saw all the bullying that goes on today and certainly never heard of kids beating up old people just for a laugh, so it certainly makes you think that some do need more discipline than they are getting..

27 Aug, 2015


It makes me very happy to read/hear about any children who are taken to allotments and actively take part in gardening. Without realising it I learned all the plant names from my parents as a child.

28 Aug, 2015

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