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try a game I have enjoyed all winter.
Ignore the presenters and valuers, you are the important
Try to guess the value of items on the antiques programmes. Even write them down, and mark if correct
when the item comes up for auction..
Good fun. Makes good use of a programme rather than
just sitting watching.
Not the price you would pay for it.
What its actually worth to other people bidding.
I am getting better at it.
Can get to the nearest £5 now.
Soon be spring !

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One of my favorite pastimes these days is to watch a movie such as the one I recently viewed "The Lost Weekend"- circa 1945-and I will read the individual biographies of all the actors in the movie which I obtain on the web. All I have to do really is to type in the name of the movie into the search engine then add to it "cast and crew" For the most part the trials and tribulations of their life stories is very interesting indeed. This can also be done for your favorite tv shows too.

7 Feb, 2016


On those antiques road trip progammes I can't believe the silly prices they pay for tat and then expect the crowd at the auction to go potty to buy it, then if thry get to their feet egging them on to up the bid I just cringe. .....

I enjoy the Roadshow though, especially where Fiona Bruce has to to guess which is the genuine item and which is the fake!

Not sure you get them over the pond Loosestrife, they are open to the public (who flock in their thousands ) and usually in a stately home or other famous place.....can be fascinating

Sounds asif your winter passtime interests you too, myself its reading and crafts of one sort or another......well thats all year round really ?

7 Feb, 2016


Yes I do. I even get the UK version of the Antiques Roadshow which I enjoy more than the USA verison because the stuff they bring in goes back ......way way back.

7 Feb, 2016


For Really Old Brymbo fossil forest .......the history of the horsetail weed Loosestrife
And norfolk fossil footprints.......they were from earliest man, at the time the british isles was joined to europe by a land bridge after the last ice That's old...
I guess there must be historical places in the U S too,....

Its fun with the roadshow when someones little brooch turns out to be diamonds or an ugly vase worth a fortune...
And the bumtious mans treasure turns to fools gold ?

7 Feb, 2016

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