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Monty's latest T/V effort


nearly sent me potty ! That awful ground !
That silly woman talking about growing flowers and
vegetables in a small area of heavy coarse clay soil
as if its some kind of game.

Why doesnt he teach them about the properties of SOIL
Every new gardener should start in the classroom.
Learn how to understand SOIL.
Its ground up ROCK.
All the nutrients are ground up rotted plant debris.
The ROOTS feed on this stuff, not the SOIL.
Granular fertilisers are important to the mixture
I use Fish, Blood and Bone with rotted pet litter.
The MOISTURE retention properties are important.
Not a lot of silly ideas about Bees when there are no
wild flowers for them to feed on.

Not looking at it anymore. It would also do most of the
presenters good to learn about SOIL. They are all the same with their instant gardening, polytunnel grown plants- big- instant- smiles-how much-money-I-am
getting-for-doing-this- on- the- face.

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With you all the way Diane, soil conditions are so very important, here on clay we han have standing water in the winter then hard baked clay in the summer

A friend has light sandy soil which in the summer after loads of mulcqh she can have problems keeping the plants hydrated.....

As to monty don &co....completly ruined Chelsea last year, and that carol woman ?

20 Feb, 2016


Thanks Pam. In every district the condition of the soil is
the most important factor to growing any kind of plant.
The Fens are very popular because they are the rotted
Reed Beds of thousands of years.
Kent was 'good land' where the fruit farmers thrived.
I have raised beds and try to improve the soil in each bed
every year, before I put plants into them.
Rotating manure every September is a must too.
Actually I think Lincs Lass and Andrewr could do a better job of teaching gardening than Monty and Carol do !

20 Feb, 2016


Hi Diane, I'm totally in agreement with you, I gave up on tv gardening programmes ages ago, they keep on churning out the same old, same old, every year is the same,Derek.

20 Feb, 2016


Heres a pot, add some compost, make sure the bulbs roots are down and the shoot up.......Grrrrrr?

20 Feb, 2016


Bless your heart Diane and thankyou, I haven't watched the programme yet but you have me really curious as to what has got your dander up so I will have a look on catchup, I actually do agree with Derek, seen one you have seen them all, not only that we haven't all got a TV Company to finance us .....

20 Feb, 2016


Thank you for the compliment Diane. It was interesting because one of the gardens in an earlier series was on heavy clay, and Monty was telling the couple how to improve it, but that advice seems to have disappeared in this series. Perhaps it's too 'technical' - there does seem a lot of dumbing down in all walks of life these days.

20 Feb, 2016


I expect Monty gets muddled up with all his notebooks.

21 Feb, 2016


I didn't see the programme but I do agree with you. I think if we know about our soil we'd have better results.

22 Feb, 2016


Thank you Hywel, Andrewr, Lincslass, P am and Derek.
There is a wealth of information on GOY . Everybody is so generous with their help. Its a wonderful site.

23 Feb, 2016


It is Diane, lovely people too ?

24 Feb, 2016

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