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I watched James Martin's programme on


vegetables today hoping to get some new ideas.
Putting Maple Syrup on Fried Tomatoes was helpful.
Stuffing in rolled up stewed Lettuce could be useful.

But he couldnt cook without bags of Mussels from the
ocean, pieces of Salmon, lumps of Butter, and Pots of
Thick heart stopping Cream.

Could we have some interesting Vegetable Recipes from
Goy members please ?

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Have a look in the recipes section Diane, we used to get a lot of recipes so there is perhaps some already on there...
Quicker way Diane, put vegetable soup in your goy searchbox and it will take you to lots of recipes...

20 Feb, 2016


Hi Diane, sorry I can't help you with this 1, I'm a gardener, not a cook, I've had to learn how to cook basic meals in the last few years, due to my wife's health problems, but unfortunately, {or fortunately lol }I still have no interest in cooking, it's a chore, that if we could manage without, I would certainly do so, Derek.

20 Feb, 2016


Thanks Lincs Lass I didnt know there is a Recipes Section.

The trick with gardening/cooking is to steam all vegetables together in the steamer/microwave. Buy Supermarket Ready Meals, have half each, with loads of lovely homegrown vegetables, and a little more quickly made gravy. 15 minute job when you come in from the garden.
I do it most days.

Make a trifle which lasts 3 days. Buy ready made fruit pies, and use Bio -Yoghurts instead of custard. This Bio stuff is very good for the stomach.

21 Feb, 2016


Maple syrup on tomatoes ? really? Did you try it, it sounds horrible!
I like to make a basic casserole with root veg added in the slow cooker, enough for more than one meal. Then you can have it with potatoes/sweet potatoes and a green veg one day, rice or a rice and quinoa mix another day, and use anything left as the meat in a cottage pie.

Cook a lamb shank in the slow cooker with onions or leeks and root veg (put the carrots at the bottom as they take longer than the meat)You can also add a bit of bacon if you like Cover with stock or water. Cook. Remove the meat from the bone. Add stock cube to taste. .Reheat when you want it. The Welsh serve this with bread and a lump of cheese - delicious. One shank canmake four servings and it will freeze.

This recipe won the Welsh Cawl competition in St Davids a few years ago.

Make a crumble topping with butter and oats instead of flour. Sweeten to taste and put thinly over any cooked fruit, eg apples or rhubarb mixed with sultanas or dates or any fruit left in the freezer. Thinly is the operative word! Depending on the size of your dish this can last for several days. Top with yogurt, custard, ice cream etc.

21 Feb, 2016


Thank you Steragram, if Derek writes these recipes out
and practises them he will begin to enjoy his food.
I have written them out for my kitchen file.

Using home grown vegetables is such a pleasure.

I am not too sure about a lump of cheese with cooked lamb, but the casserole is a gardeners' best friend.
My eldest son is a lifelong vegetarian. He fills a baking tray with vegetables, adds a dissolved stock cube, bungs it in the oven, goes outside to do some jobs, returns after
45 mins to a lovely meal.

23 Feb, 2016


Hi Diane, it isn't enjoying my food that I have a problem with, I always enjoy my food, lol, it's just having the interest to actually cook it that I have a problem with, I have no interest whatsoever in learning how to cook 'fancy' dishes, but I think I will have a look at your recommendation for supermarket ready meals, where all I have to do is stick it in the oven, Derek.

23 Feb, 2016

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