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I really felt the pain when Monty chopped the Hosta plant


root with his sharp spade. He even said the two halves
could be chopped again into quarters !
What is happening to this ‘Gardening World’ he inhabits ?

When dividing herbaceous plants in the spring the old
ways are the best. Insert two garden forks into the
root, back to back, and gently pull on the handles.
This divides the root without causing any damage.

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kind of gone off hostas so was wishing he was chopping them up for the compost bin.

i got fed up long time ago providing breakfast,lunch and dinner for the slugs and snails in my garden

26 Mar, 2016


Thanks for the reminder Diane, I must split mine as they need it and was unable to do them last year, will certainly be using two forks....

26 Mar, 2016


There is hope for England yet !

26 Mar, 2016


cut my Hostas with a knife, they were fine, water with slug clear, then stand potted plant in an old copper coal bucket or any copper bucket etc., ( potting straight into copper can affect the plant) and you will have no problems, as long as the plant does not touch any other plant were the slugs can more from one plant to the other

27 Mar, 2016


I've used both methods and the plants thrived in either case.

29 Mar, 2016


I have to say that when I do get around to splitting my hostas a bit of the old brute force and ignorance will probably have to come into force as they have been in their pots for years and if they don't split with use of the two forks I will of course fall back onto my trusty old kitchen knife as well...

29 Mar, 2016

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